Armed Black Man Gives Police Silent Treatment And Lives To Tell About It (VIDEO)

If you’ve ever been frustrated with police overreach then this video is for you. For over 11 minutes, this Richmond, VA man essentially gives the police the silent treatment. The gentleman in the video was sitting in the parking lot of a hotel eating a late-night snack when he was approached by two officers from the Richmond Police Department. When asked if he had a room, the gentleman answers in the affirmative but refuses to identify the room in which he was staying. When asked to show ID, he not only displays his license, but he also displays his permit to carry a concealed weapon. The man in the video then proactively confirms that he has multiple firearms in the vehicle and refused to give his ID to the officers if the officer had no reason to, essentially, detain him.

After a relatively long standoff over what amounted to be much-ado-about-nothing, a second officer can be heard confirming that the driver had all of his proper IDs and no warrants. At this point, the officers left the vehicle and went to the front desk of the hotel to, presumably, ask the clerk questions regarding the driver. The video concludes with a “selfie” moment where the driver gets an over-the-shoulder shot of he and the officer.

If you dare to go into the comment section of the site hosting the video, you will see a mixed response of people who celebrated the video and others who feel the driver could have gotten himself killed over nothing– or even for trying to prove a “futile” point. Even as I first watched the video, I became nervous as the driver moved his hands in and out of view of the officers. Clearly the driver was feeling cavalier.

Nevertheless, the driver’s identification was clean and up-to-date and the police officers did not suggest that they had a reasonable suspicion him doing anything illegal. According to many sources, if the police were not detaining him the driver could have left. The only complication was that the driver had nowhere to go because he was in the parking lot of the hotel in which he ostensibly had a room. But this begs the question: even when we know our documents are legit and we have done nothing wrong, should we still live in such awe of police authority that we voluntarily comply beyond our legal obligation to do so?

Watch Driver Give Police Silent Treatment


Featured Image via video screen capture

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