ANOTHER Man Dies While In Police Custody. When Does It Stop? (VIDEO)

Fresh on the heels of a report that says American police kill more people than criminals do in most other countries, comes yet another story of an American who has died while in police custody.

Details are sketchy at this time in the case of 35-year-old Mitchell “Brad” Martinez, from Vero Beach, Florida. Martinez got into an Indian River County Sheriff’s Department van for a ride from court to jail. Eight minutes later, an unresponsive Martinez was removed from the van, in cardiac arrest, according to CNN.

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Police have no answers for what may have happened to Martinez. They say that he was not harmed by other inmates in the van, and of course they say that no police officers harmed him, either. But questions are being raised about two things. The video showing inmates being loaded into the van stops at the moment Martinez was placed inside. Police say that it is because the video was “motion captured.” But the video clearly shows officers outside the van. Wouldn’t it continue to capture them and their movements after Martinez had been placed inside?

The other question, coming from posters on a Facebook page called “Justice For Brad Martinez,” wants to know about two red marks on Martinez’s neck. Apparently the marks were not there until after Martinez was removed from the van.

An autopsy is scheduled to investigate Martinez’s death. Friends and family say he was strong and healthy. While not completely unusual, it is uncommon for a man in his thirties to have a heart attack. Hopefully the autopsy will clear up what happened to Brad Martinez. But as of right now, all we know is that an apparently healthy man entered a police van, and a short time later was dead.

Here’s the video, via CNN:

Featured image via Facebook

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