Ana Navarro Just Tore Kayleigh McEnany A New One For Downplaying Threat Of Trump’s Neo-Nazis (VIDEO)

CNN commentator, Ana Navarro (who also happens to be a registered Republican) has been extremely outspoken throughout Trump’s campaign and in the days following the election. She has repeatedly spoken out against Trump and since his win, she, like all of us, is understandably pissed off that a man like that could be elected president of our fine country. This is why Trump surrogates like Kayleigh McEnany don’t stand a chance winning any sort of debate with her.

Monday night, during a CNN panel discussion regarding Trump’s refusal to denounce the hate speech coming out of the anti-semitic, racist alt-right, Navarro brought up the fact that it is no coincidence that multiple hate crimes and neo-nazi gatherings have erupted since Trump’s election.

“What Donald Trump has to do to is take responsibility. He’s unleashed the Kraken, and it is not a coincidence that after he got elected, hate crimes spiked up. It is not a coincide the KKK celebrated his victory and wanted a parade in North Carolina. It is not a coincidence these white supremacists were holding their hands up in a Nazi salute yelling ‘Heil Trump!”

McEnany, who is now famous for being a Trump apologist, had this to say in response:

“This is what those who don’t like Trump choose to ignore. He started out his presidency, pretty much the first words out of his mouth were ‘I want to be a president for all races and religions.’ Bryan Lanza put a statement out last night denouncing all racism on behalf of the administration. … [Trump] looked in the camera on 60 Minutes and said ‘Cut it out.’”

“If it were up to you leftists, he would spend every day standing on top of the Trump Tower saying ‘I’m not a racist.’”

Things did not go well for McEnany after that. Watch Ana Navarro shut her down here:

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