AMAZING: Handcuffed Teen ‘Thug’ Saves The Life Of Cop Who Arrested Him (VIDEO)

Most people are aware of the fact that humans are generally a mix of good and bad. Some are more good, some are more bad, but few, if any, people are 100 percent one or the other.

In the media, whenever someone gets into some sort of trouble, they are instantly branded as a “bad guy,” with no redeeming qualities. But one of those typical media “bad guys” was caught on camera proving that people are a lot more complex than our media sound bite culture wants you to think they are.

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Last fall, a Fort Lauderdale, Florida, police officer named Franklin Foulks was booking teenager Jamal Rutledge for parole violations when he suddenly collapsed, apparently having a heart attack. Security camera video of the event shows Rutledge, who is sitting on a chair, in handcuffs, getting up, and going over to Foulks. He then begins kicking the security fence to get the attention of other officers.

Rutledge’s cries for help brings Sergeant Todd Bunin, and officers Robert Norvis and Raymond Ketchmark, who use a device known as an AED to defibrillate Foulks’ heart, and begin CPR, as they call for medical personnel. Foulks was taken to Broward Health Medical Center. According to WTVJ, hospital staff told Fort Lauderdale police that the quick actions by Rutledge, and the other officers, saved Foulks’ life.

Rutledge, as well as the police officers who responded to his calls, will be honored at the next Fort Lauderdale Commission meeting on January 21. Rutledge might have been branded as a “thug” in some segments of the media. But it’s pretty likely that Franklin Foulks considers Jamal Rutledge to be his hero.

Here’s a video report, from CBS News:

Image via Fort Lauderdale Police Department

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