All Out Of F*cks Obama Calls Out Congress’s Most ‘Shameless’ Hack BY NAME

On Sunday, during a fundraiser in La Jolla, California for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, President Obama left “Mr. Nice Guy” at the door and went straight after one particularly pathetic GOP congressman.

Obama called out Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), a congressman who once called him corrupt but is now bragging inside his campaign literature about legislation that he co-sponsored and the president later signed.

This fall Issa is locked in a difficult re-election showdown against Democratic candidate retired Marine Col. Doug Applegate. Issa has recently mailed out campaign flyers in which he boasts about Obama signing the Survivors’ Bill of Rights bill which he co-sponsored. However in 2011, when Issa was the House Oversight Committee chairman, the congressman called Obama’s White House “one of the most corrupt administrations.” He’s since become one of the chief obstructionists in Congress, blocking and subverting much of the legislation the President and Democratic members of congress push.

The president was quick to point out Issa’s duplicity on Sunday night.

“That is the definition of chutzpah,” Obama said, adding that Issa’s mailers were “shameless,” according to Politico.

Obama added that Issa’s “primary contribution to the United States Congress has been to obstruct and to waste taxpayer dollar on trumped-up investigations that have led nowhere” and that the neo-conservative congressman was “not somebody who’s serious about working on problems.”

Obama joked that several hardline Republicans would openly criticize him but then attend the White House Christmas party.

“Some of them say, ‘I’m praying for you,’” he said, per Politico. “And I don’t question the sincerity that they are praying for me: ‘Please change this man from the socialist Muslim that he is.”

“I’m sure it’s more sincere than that,” he added.

President Obama may be giving the American people just a tiny taste of what he has in store for the GOP once he’s out of office. Obama once mentioned how most Americans don’t realize just how “sarcastic” he is in private.

Over the past year, we’ve seen the president hit Republicans, especially Donald Trump, with sharp often times humorous critique. Here’s a prime example.

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A post-presidency Obama may prove to be the GOP’s worst nightmare.

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