Adele Dedicates Powerful Heartfelt Tribute To Victims Of Orlando Shooting (VIDEO)

During her concert in Belguim, 10-time Grammy Award-winning singer Adele was overcome with emotion as she dedicated her show to the victims of the Orlando shooting, which claimed the lives of 50 people inside the Pulse LGBT nightclub.

I would like to start tonight by dedicating this entire show to everybody in Orlando at Pulse nightclub,” the singer said. “The LGBTQA community, they’re like my soulmates since I was really young, so I’m really moved by it,” she concluded before breaking into tears.

Adele then lightened the mood a bit with a self-deprecating joke about her music:

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I don’t know why I’m crying already because most of tonight is pretty miserable because my songs are f—ing miserable.

Many artists and celebrities in the LGBT community expressed their support for the victims of this senseless act of violence, which has become known as the largest mass shooting in U.S. history.

Actor-director George Takei, best known for his work on the original Star Trek, is a long-time advocate for LGBT rights. He expressed his heartache for the victims and their families with a tweet.

British musician Sir Elton John also tweeted his grief and shared a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, who decided to come out in 2014, also expressed his grief, along with actors Neil Patrick Harris and Kristian Narin (the actor who played Hodor on Game of Thrones).

Two of the most prominent figures within the transgender communities, former Olympian and reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner and actress Laverne Cox (known for her role on Orange is the New Black).

Meanwhile, comedian and talk show host Ellen Degeneres had very few words to express her grief and anguish over the tragic events in Orlando.

Many Adele fans also joined with the singer to express their condolences and appreciation for the singer’s dedication on Twitter.

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