A Moment Of Clarity? Fox News Pundits Insult The ‘Stupidity’ Of Kim Davis And Her Lawyer (VIDEO)

It doesn’t happen much, but every so often Fox News decides to swim against the current of propaganda they typically sell and offer an opinion that is grounded in reality. Fox actor Gregg Jarrett asked two regular panelists on the network, attorneys Chip Merlin and Sharon Liko, if Davis and her attorney, lunatic anti-gay freak Mat Staver, stood a snowball’s chance in hell of winning their appeal.

Rather than one offering what would appeal to the Fox viewer, as a weak liberal stance followed by a strong conservative rebuttal, both lawyers joined Jarrett in calling Davis and Staver names like “hypocrite,” and “martyr.” Not a one agreed with the jailed bigot’s assertion that the Supreme Court has no authority when Christians don’t like rulings, with Jarrett at one point even referencing Article 3 Section 2 of the Constitution, which gives the high court jurisdiction in all cases arising under the Constitution.

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It was an odd yet pleasantly surprising six minutes of clarity on what is otherwise a sea of stupidity.

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Featured image via screen capture

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