6-Year-Old Dies After Police Shoot Him Multiple Times In The Head (VIDEO)

Jeremy David Mardis, 6, attended first grade at Lafargue Elementary until today when he was shot and killed by police in the passenger seat his father’s car.

Chris Few was running from police when they opened fired on his vehicle, fatally wounding him and killing his son in a stunning display of poor aim and idiocy. If you fire a gun you are ultimately responsible for the end of that action, regardless of a badge, and this is at least manslaughter.

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It looks like the Louisiana State Police are going to try to deflect blame for this shooting in any way possible, actually stating that they don’t know if he was shot by the police, or a pedestrian or even the driver of the vehicle. To this point there is no mention of the driver, identified by the Coroner as Chris Few after he was transported for surgery, as having a gun. However, the police are so busy trying to deflect blame they are stuttering over their answers like a 16-year-old caught with a joint.

Here is local news coverage of the incident:

Feature image via The Town Talk

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