2-Year-Old Second Amendmented By Her Uncle On Christmas Day (VIDEO)

A two-year-old Oregon girl is recovering from a gunshot wound to the face after her uncle Second Amendmented her on Christmas day.

Clackamas County sheriff’s deputy told KGW News that the little girl’s uncle received a gun cleaning kit for Christmas and was cleaning his .45 caliber handgun when it went off and a bullet hit the child in the cheek. She was taken by LifeFlight helicopter to Oregon Health & Science University hospital where doctors performed emergency surgery. Thankfully, she is expected to survive.

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Police have said that no charges will be filed.

As the year comes to a close, I am struck by how many times I have written about “accidents” just like this. Thousands of children were injured or killed by “responsible” gun owners this year and America didn’t even blink. As I write this article I don’t even expect a lot of people to read it because society has become so numb to these kinds of things that we just scroll past them on our Facebook and Twitter feeds, read the titles, shake our heads and go on with our days. We see a mass shooting and we do the same thing.

Republicans will say that I am just “a gun grabbing liberal who wants to infringe on their Second Amendment rights.” This isn’t true at all, I just want people to understand that tens of thousands of lives are cut short every single year in one of the most powerful countries on Earth. A large number of these deaths and accidents are completely preventable. Every single person who owns a gun should be required to take a safety course. This little girl would not have been injured if her uncle had the good sense to make sure there was not a bullet in the chamber before he cleaned his gun. How hard is that to understand? Or, how about this: don’t clean your guns when children are in the vicinity.

It’s common sense, but unfortunately, we live in a world where common sense doesn’t grow in everyone’s garden and children will continue to be injured or killed because of stupid people with guns. If that doesn’t make you angry, it should.


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