Watch CBS Anchor Desperately Try To Spin Protesters Booing Trump As ‘Cheers’ (VIDEO)

Yesterday, Donald Trump gathered together America’s top television news networks and whined that he was being treated unfairly. In their desperation to show Trump that this isn’t true, CBS may have gone a bit overboard.

While filming at Trump Tower during Trump’s sit-down with the New York Times, a CBS anchor provided a surreal moment of fiction for viewers at home. According to his telling, Trump emerged from the meeting “greeted by cheers.” According to the video that accompanied the anchor, those “cheers” were loud, unambiguous boos.

See for yourself.

There were a few people clapping, a few people cheering, and an overwhelming number of people loudly booing.

Viewers immediately began writing to CBS to let them know that this story was patently false.

The media has been widely criticized this year for its botched handling of Trump. The candidate has refused to even feign the sort of decency many in the press automatically afford presidential contenders, and thus he caught them completely off-guard. He lies unapologetically. He shrugs off scandals with a kind of casual shamelessness that makes it hard to get things to stick. He overwhelms the news cycle with so many outrageous antics that no single story lasts long. He treats the media like antagonists.

And they’ve been outplayed.

And even now the media continues to struggle as “President-elect” Trump routinely avoids convention. In a normal election, the winner of the presidency would be getting cheered on by crowds outside their home. But this is not a normal election. Trump is the least popular president in modern history and his offensive rhetoric has many Americans angry and scared. Trump Tower is the site of daily protests. He’ll be entering office with a deeply divided American public still shocked by the election.

It’s no surprise, then, that people are booing. The press might want to make note of that.

Featured image via CBS News

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