Sean Hannity Drops Bomb To Get Joe Scarborough Fired From MSNBC In Loser-On-Loser Twitter Fight

The two worst people in right-wing television are fighting on Twitter and there isn’t enough popcorn in the world to satisfy the audience of spectators.

Disgraced Trump mouthpiece Sean Hannity decided to take a swing at disgraced Trump mouthpiece Joe Scarborough and hilarity ensued. Hannity, the most disliked man in network news, hates Scarborough for reasons that aren’t immediately clear. (One possibility: Hannity is a vindictive asshole whose ego is rivaled only by the size of the chip on his shoulder. Just a guess.)

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Meanwhile, Scarborough is working on his fourth straight day of a Twitter rage bender that began when the New York Times outed him as having attended Trump’s New Years Eve party, then shamed him by posting the photo of him chillin’ with Trump when he tried to lie about it.

The meltdown has taken several twists and turns but it appears Scarborough is now declaring war on literally every journalist in America who even hints at critiquing him for his relationship to Trump.

He’s also very upset that his close friend’s election win has been officially linked to Russian hacking. He lashed out at reporters for covering the intelligence report leaks, careful to ignore the fact that he gleefully covered every single leaked email Wikileaks gave him regarding Hillary Clinton.

But it was when Scarborough sought to distance himself from Trump today by stating that he found Trump’s coziness with Russia troubling and specifically called out Hannity for slobbering all over Wikileaks founder Julian Assange that Hannity came to his boss’s Trump’s aid… by trying to get Joe Scarborough fired from MSNBC.

That’s serious stuff. Fox News is MSNBC’s biggest rival, and the idea that Scarborough is going behind their backs to get a better gig with the right-wing news outlet is not something they would enjoy hearing.

And Hannity wasn’t done:

So we’ve got ourselves a situation in which a Fox News conservative is publicly bashing an MSNBC conservative for not properly worshiping at the feet of Donald Trump, while both the Fox News and MSNBC conservatives have been caught kissing up to Trump in humiliating ways. That’s just sad.

Our suggestion: Tell the two to settle their differences fisticuffs, have them unknowingly meet inside a NASA space shuttle, then fire the shuttle directly at the sun.

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