Joe Scarborough Denies He Attended Trump’s New Year’s Eve Party – So Reporter Releases Photo

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough has a complicated relationship with Donald Trump. Or rather, he has a cozy, very friendly relationship with Trump that he doesn’t like people knowing about (for reasons that are abundantly obvious). So when a New York Times article casually mentioned that Joe Scarborough and his Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski attended Trump’s New Year’s Eve Mar-a-Lago party, the former Republican congressman promptly lost his mind.

What followed was a two day, unhinged meltdown on Twitter. First because a journalist used the word “partied” (as in “Joe Scarborough partied at the party where partying was happening”), and then at the author of the original piece because she used the word “reveler” (as in “Joe Scarborough was among the revelers at Trump’s ridiculous New Year’s Eve party”).

You don’t need to read all of Scarborough’s meltdown, which includes dozens of tweets directed primarily at the two New York Times reporters primarily responsible for “outing” him as having attended. Here’s just a flavor.

Scarborough claims that he and co-host Brzezinski were simply there to ask Trump if he would give an interview at a later date. Here’s his logic, see if it makes any sense:

Scarborough and Brzezinski bought tickets from New York to Mar-a-Lago, Florida, on New Year’s Eve, but only to ask for an interview. For some reason, it was important for the two hosts of the show to go to this party instead of, say, just calling Trump and setting up an interview the normal way. Or better yet, getting one of the show’s producers to do it. (Trump has repeatedly called into Morning Joe, including once just before the holidays where he “broke” the story that he would be kickstarting a nuclear arms race while Joe and Mika sat in pajamas.)


According to Scarborough, the two weren’t at the party and were there only before it started. And also according to Scarborough, he then flew back home to New York in time to watch the movie “Groundhog Day” with his children before the ball drop. He has so far never provided any details on the supposed interview he set up during the Mar-a-Lago party.

Much of this scenario was undone by a single photograph, which NYT reporter Maggie Haberman posted online after enduring Scarborough’s 24-hour meltdown. There are the two MSNBC hosts rubbing elbows with Trump and several other partygoers.

This, of course, proves that not only were Joe and Mika mingling among the “revelers” exactly the way Haberman described in her piece, but that the party was clearly already in full swing when they were there. By any definition, the pair “partied” in Mar-a-Lago with Donald Trump. They shared laughs. They mingled. They were introduced to Trump’s other guests. They were attendees at a party.

If Scarborough’s excuses seem particularly weak, consider this:

Scarborough is a creature of habit and appears to lean heavily on the “I was just there to do my job” excuse whenever he’s caught being too schmoozey with Trump. During the primaries, Scarborough allegedly gave Trump strategy advice and he and Mika were seen “celebrating” with Trump after his surprise New Hampshire win. When confronted by this embarrassing state of things, Scarborough said – you guessed it – that he was there to do an interview and Trump’s staff simply offered to let him up into Trump’s hotel suite. The next day Trump called into Morning Joe to thank the pair for their “support.”

By Scarborough’s telling, he’s the Forrest Gump of journalism, always haplessly stumbling into Trump’s inner circle at pivotal moments. A bit contrived, no?

The hosts of Morning Joe have long faced criticism of being too close to Trump and the fact that this exact situation keeps happening only fuels speculation that the pair have positioned themselves as some of Trump’s most trusted mouthpieces. So far, Trump has declined to give interviews with any reporter or paper that he views as hostile to him. He’s given plenty to Sean Hannity, Fox and Friends – and Morning Joe.


Featured image via MSNBC

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