Fox News Announces MTV ‘Cribs’ Knockoff Starring Trump Taking Reporter Through His Gold-Plated Home

Republicans would have us believe that Trump owes his win to his ability to “connect” with the white working class. It was blue collar “economic anxiety” not racism, sexism or xenophobia that really drew people to Trump. He spoke to them.

There’s just one problem with that theory. This is the asshole they just voted for.

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This guy.

And as if to rub their noses in just how conned they just were, Trump and Fox News have announced a joint television project that will feature soon-to-be president and “hero” of the white working class Donald Trump taking a TMZ reporter through his opulent house to show off “objects in his home and [offer] the stories behind each memento.”

The Daily Beast:

Fox News announced Wednesday that it will air a new one-hour special in which Donald Trump gives a tour of his famously ostentatious residence and shows off his material possessions for viewers. The special, titled OBJECTified: Donald Trump, and hosted by TMZ founder Harvey Levin, will air Friday, at 10 p.m. ET. It will re-air twice throughout the weekend, with 8 p.m. airings on Saturday and Sunday.


Trump’s walls are covered in gold. He lives in a $100 million penthouse overlooking New York City. His chairs were designed to look like those found in the Palace of Versailles. And the “economically anxious” Trump voters will have to watch it all. The mind boggles.

Trump’s joint-operation with Fox News also demonstrates a few other troubling things. First, we have a president whose relationship with one of the biggest “news” networks in America could be described as symbiotic at best and pathologically co-dependent if we cut the bullshit. Second, it reinforces the idea that Trump is approaching his time in the White House as little more than an off-shoot of Celebrity Apprentice. He’s in it for the publicity and ratings. He’s certainly treating the crucial task of picking a presidential cabinet like the season finale of a reality show.

If there truly are any economically anxious Trump voters out there, they might want to consider tuning into Fox News on Friday night to watch the guy they picked openly mock them while bragging about his gold-plated bedposts.

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