Meet The Couple Camping Out In Oregon, Trolling The Bundy Idiots To Their Faces Every Day

While the Bundy terrorists hole up in broken-into federal buildings, warm and cozy in the taxpayer-funded heat they’re stealing, a pair of real American patriots camp nearby in a tent in the freezing cold in protest of their occupation. The two campers, who remain unidentified by choice, attend every public meeting and press conference the Meathead Patrol holds for the sole purpose of getting in their face and ridiculing them.

These folks know that the terrorists occupying the Malheur Refuge aren’t there to do any good, they aren’t there with the blessing of the locals and they aren’t there out of some sense of civic pride. They are there to get famous, because their pitiful lives back home remind them of the meaningless existence of the ‘Murican “freedom fighter.” They live on disability checks and foster children while their wives work and raise their families, squandering their money on guns and canned peaches for the revolution.

This pair of patriots deserve far more coverage than the idiots who are soaking up your tax dollars and saturating our news feeds with their stupidity. Kieran Suckling, with the Center for Biological Diversity, brought attention to the pair when he posted this to the center’s Facebook page:

Now THAT is a story of true American resolve and determination. Much like the rancher who kicked the imbeciles off of his land and repaired 80 feet of fence they destroyed, they are stewards of the land, recognizing the importance we play in the big scheme of things. Knowing the a**holes holed up at the reserve are determined to give a pristine piece of wilderness and sanctuary to a host of protected species to the local ranching, mining and logging industries is all the incentive these brave people need to brave the cold to troll the idiots to their faces on a daily basis.


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Featured image via Facebook


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