Creationist Suing State Over Daughter’s Education, Claims Black People Are Related To Gorillas

Kenneth Smith, the West Virginia man suing multiple figures in the United States educational establishment over his daughter’s education, wrote not one, but two, self-published books that would replace The Origin of Species and illuminate “how DNA really works.”

Smith, who is suing West Virginia for teaching his daughter evolution — he contends that it will “hinder” her dreams of becoming a veterinarian — makes a number of very bold claims in his books, including the claim that black people are the byproduct of Cain shacking-up with gorillas.

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George McCready Price’s racist step-child

One of the first anti-evolution advocates was Canadian George McCready Price, a Seventh Day Adventist who published the anti-evolution/pro-creationist books Illogical Geology and God’s Two Books: Plain facts about evolution, geology, and the Bible. While he died in 1963, Price’s books had a big impact on the burgeoning movement of Young Earth Creationism.

What Price did for Young Earth Geology, Smith attempted to do for Young Earth Genetics.

Unfortunately, Smith’s two books, Thoroughbred from the Genetic Normal and The True Origin of Man, run into a little problem even before one gets into the “science” of them: Smith is a self-aggrandizing, utterly clueless, raving, unhinged lunatic racist.

Kenneth Smith, “Geneticist”

In 2008, Smith published his first book, Thoroughbred from the Genetic NormalHe claimed his book would be a “direct replacement” for The Origin of Species, but after three years of obscurity, in 2011, Smith filed a complaint against the West Virginia Post Master General, the director of the National Institute of Health, and the United States Secretary of Education, claiming that he had “attempted on several occasions to contact NIH officials regarding his theory” but was “ignored.”

In the complaint, Smith said that he wanted “to have his book used in the public school system” but through their actions, “all three federal agencies have damaged him by failing to consider his genetic theory and are preventing him from untold revenue.”

Smith, undaunted, published a second book in 2013 called The True Origins of Man. This book, which is largely a retread of his first text, covering the same ideas and concepts, is available in part on Google Books.

100% White is 100% Human

In both his book and his 2011 complaint, Smith claims to have discovered “the missing link between human and ape,” a theory that no longer holds much credibility among modern evolutionary biologists.

Smith’s ideas for what qualify as the “missing link,” however, ran dangerously close to the sort of anti-evolutionary Theosophism that informed Nazi racial policies. Cry Godwin if you will; in his second book, The True Origins of Man, Smith actually makes that case that black people are descended from Cain after Cain had sex with a gorilla:

Cain followed the young courting female ape into the thick brush of the forest. You could see him looking back behind himself, to see if anyone might be looking. He saw no one, but God was there; he saw Cain at his lowest point of humanity. Then the bushes started to shake while he and that ape moaned and groaned to the point of exhaustion. Cain fornicated with an animal, a practice some men still carry on today.

According to Smith, Cain “found it easier and easier to lie with apes when he became aroused and less remorse to make his conscious ache.”

One day, Smith says, Cain “came face-to-face with his own shame” when he found a half-man, half-ape newborn being nursed.

It’s at this point where we learn what Smith means when he complains about evolution not being backed up by “math”:

DNA states 100% human + 0 combined with 100% primate +0 = 100/2 = 50 +100/2 = 50 for a fused genome of 50/50% human, primate offspring produced. Cain became transfixed with ignominy in his tracks and then he bolted like before, when God had banished him from the homeland of his people.

Cain would eventually take one of his half ape/half human daughters and produce a whole lineage with her:

‘As thou hast taken Eve from the flesh of Adam, to create him a wife and companion. Now thou hast created from the flesh of Cain a wife, and companion.’ Then, as it says in (Genesis 4:17), Cain lay with his wife, and she became pregnant, giving birth to Enoch. DNA states that 100% + 50 human, combined with 50% primate + 0 = 150/2 +50/2 = 75/25% human, primate genome offspring produced. He was born with ebony-colored skin, and curly black hair on his head with eyes dark as black pearls.

“This,” he concludes, “is the lineage of Adam and Eve.”

Incest, bestiality, zoophilia, specious mathematics, and questionable biology; it’s not the erotic Bible fan-fiction we need but, apparently, it is the one we deserve.

Smith’s book claims that two of Cain’s descendants were taken aboard the Ark and then married off, thus explaining the races, meaning that the Whiter you are, the closer to Adam and Eve you are. Remember this next time someone claims evolution is racist.

But wait, it gets much stranger —  turns out that Mr. Smith himself is African-American. Below is a purported video of him reading from his book:

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