Vermont Anti-Vaxxers Want To Start Their Own Religion To Get Around Laws

While we can’t say for sure that Kim Davis is to blame, it seems that religion is becoming the break-the-law-because-you-don’t-like-it scapegoat. This time, though, it’s not Christians who are abusing their religion to stomp on the rights of others – it’s anti-vaxxer parents, who don’t want to take responsibility for living in a society.

Earlier in the year, Vermont, like some other states, decided that all children should be vaccinated, with just two exceptions: medical and religious. It used to be that parents could neglect to vaccinate their children if they simply disagreed with vaccinations. As of July 1, though, that option is gone and parents are forming fake religions to get around the law.

The vast majority who used the philosophical exemption are planning to or are being forced to use the religious exemption,’’ Jennifer Stella, president of the Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice, told The Associated Press.

‘‘I grew up here in Cabot [Vermont], and would love my daughter to be able to go to the same school I did,’’ parent Aedan Scribner said. ‘‘But to get her into that school I’m going to have to do something like convert religiously.’’

Shawn Venner, Scribner’s partner, said some parents may start “a religion that says we’ll pretty much have a choice.’’

Not vaccinating children is a lot like corporations who don’t pay income tax. They expect all the benefits that society provides – in the case of vaccines, a herd immunity – but they refuse to do their share.

There is zero evidence that vaccines cause autism or any other major illnesses, yet parents still hold on to an old and debunked study linking thimerosal in vaccines to autism. On the other hand, because of parents’ reluctance to vaccinate, 189 people have contracted measles this year alone and globally, polio, a disease that was once considered eradicated, has made a reappearance.

Oh, and vaccines might prevent strokes in children.

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