This Pro-Science Comic About Vaccines Is So Simple, Even A Rabid Anti-Vaxxer Can Understand It (IMAGE)

Anti-Vax people are actually hurting poorer countries prone to disease with their false propaganda.

“The Nib” recently posted a cartoon that breaks down vaccine history, hysteria and necessity all in one easy-to-read and understand cartoon.

Take a look:
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And there we have it.

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In recent news measles, has been on the rise in South Dakota with nine cases reported, four of those being children. There is simply no legitimate excuse to put a child through that kind of illness, which can have lasting effects. According to the CDC’s website, measles can lead to brain damage, pneumonia, deafness and death (1 in 3,000).

Science has the facts on its side while naturalists are scrambling to explain to their pediatricians why they won’t vaccinate their children who have become pawns in an ideological war that can have detrimental effects on their health and those around them.

Now, kindly share this with all your anti-vax friends, and will someone please sit Jenny McCarthy down and explain what we know to her.

H/T: Deadstate | Photo: Medium/The Nib

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