Sorry, Regressive Christians: Court Rules That ‘Abstinence Only’ Sex-Ed Doesn’t Cut It

A California judge has ruled that teaching “abstinence only” doesn’t qualify as sexual education. Fresno County Superior Court Judge Donald Black said in his opinion that health classes that teach abstinence until marriage are detrimental to the public interest.

The ruling is based on California’s decade-old law stating that appropriate sexual education can be taught in grades K-12 in the state. “Can be” seems to be the term of choice, as the Clovis Unified School District continued to serve up “be a good Christian” classes to it’s nearly 40,000 students.

Black’s ruling is on a lawsuit brought by the ACLU on behalf of the students of the district, and while it only applies to that particular school district, it sets a precedent other California districts will be able to use to file their own suits.

The ACLU is elated, because this is the first ruling of its kind supporting the position that “abstinence only” classes are not medically accurate.

Medically inaccurate curriculum has been outlawed in California since 2003, but some districts have found ways to circumvent the law. It is, after all, true that abstinence will prevent you from getting pregnant.  What the prudes who think this is solid science don’t understand is that teenagers are mushy piles of hormones who are going to do things, and even if it doesn’t lead to intercourse, there are still risky behaviors that can lead to STD’s and AIDS.

Teaching children ignorance instead of reality has never been a good idea, and with the evolution of society and the addition of social media to the younger generations, information is readily available, but not always accurate.

The only way to be sure our kids are getting accurate information is to be sure accurate information is being taught in our schools.  Period.


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