Right-Wing Terrorist Goes ‘Despicable Me’ — Builds ‘Death Ray’ To Kill Muslims, Obama

If ever there was a story that outright proves just how insane the modern right-wing extremist is, it’s this one. In what may be one of the most bizarre acts of attempted domestic terrorism of all time, Glendon Scott Crawford, 51, of Galway, N.Y., went on trial Monday for building a “death ray” machine he told undercover agents would be able to kill Muslims and the president through the walls of mosques, and even the White House.

A self-proclaimed Klansman, Crawford built the machine found attached to his truck out of an x-ray machine and some welding guns, and in a recorded conversation where he threatened an attack on the White House, said the machine was “Hiroshima on a light switch.”

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The maniac’s lawyer said the machine would never have moved past the planning phase had federal agents not set Crawford up with the necessary components to build it through “criminal” sources, meaning Crawford probably thought he was dealing with Dr. Evil when he purchased the materials necessary.

Crawford and his accomplice, Eric Feight, were arrested in 2013 and charged in the plot to unleash radiation at a mosque in Albany and a Muslim school in nearby Colonie. Nothing says “patriot” quite like killing Muslims, does it?

Crawford faces three charges, including attempting to produce, construct, acquire, transfer, receive, possess and use a radiological dispersal device. The other two charges are conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction and distributing information with respect to a weapon of mass destruction.

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Luckily for the Muslim community and the White House, the Bush administration had nothing to do with the investigation, otherwise they would have failed to find the device and sent another 350,000 troops back to Iraq just in case.

There’s also no word if the defendant will be banished to the Phantom Zone with General Zod if convicted, or if his lawyer will try to call that “cruel and unusual punishment.”

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