(Non)Shocker: Glenn Beck Thinks Measles Outbreaks Are Hoaxes, Goes On Anti-Government Rant (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck beat his anti-government, anti-vax chest by saying that the measles outbreaks popping up all over the country are actually hoaxes meant to force people to obey the government. Because vaccines themselves are totally a government control device. If we all capitulate to that, then who knows what they’ll force us to do? Facts be damned, public health be damned, and all that.

On his show, which was posted at Right Wing Watch, Beck said:

In 2000, the CDC announced the United States achieved measles elimination. Since then, the cases that have been recorded in the U.S. each year, culminating in 2014 where the CDC claims they have tracked 644 cases. 644 cases, but remember, it’s been eliminated.

First of all, what the CDC was talking about at the time was that the only measles cases they were seeing were all imported. There were no longer any domestic cases of measles being reported here. It was eliminated, and then the anti-vax movement, thanks to Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Jenny McCarthy, gained serious steam. Since the virus could still be imported, people could still catch it. More people caught it, more people spread it.

The anti-vax movement has compromised herd immunity. People who can’t have vaccines, infants too young for vaccines, and those who have compromised immune systems, rely on the rest of us who can be vaccinated to protect them. That’s slipping away, so thanks, anti-vaxxers!

But, as we all know, Glenn Beck can’t just stop with one stupid, anti-government schtick. He has to go on:

Where did these Disneyland cases come from? If you look at the 102 children in California who have been detected with measles, you look at where they came from, you see that the two cases came from 1) an Amish community and 2) a group of travelers who entered the U.S. from the Philippines. If you eliminate those two sources, there is no uptrend in measles.

Right Wing Watch did some basic fact-checking on that. The 2014 outbreak in Ohio, among the Amish, happened when unvaccinated Amish people traveled to the Philippines and became infected. It was not Filipino travelers, or immigrants, coming here and bringing it with them. So Beck and his guest crying about immigration causing this are just spreading lies and misinformation, which is what they do best.

Furthermore, the Disneyland outbreak has nothing to do with that outbreak. How could it? It happened in April of last year, as RRW points out.

But, let’s say for a moment, that everything Beck said up there is true. A higher level of vaccination among the general population would have stopped, or significantly slowed, the Disneyland outbreak. It very likely wouldn’t be as high as 102 children (and climbing). It would more likely be a few isolated cases.

So now Glenn Beck is on the rampage against vaccines, because heaven forbid we should actually consider this a public health issue. When someone’s “personal choice” affects other families in a negative way (like this family out in Arizona), there’s a severe problem.

Even Megyn Kelly says that there are times when it’s necessary for Big Brother to step in. Sadly, this is one of those times. Watch Beck’s idiocy below:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VY90ri9H_oA?rel=0&w=560&h=315]


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