Mother Has Message For Anti-Vaxxers After Her Son Died From Flu

In America, well-established science and evidence take a back seat to corporations’ bottom line, not to mention the miserably uninformed goobers who they hoodwink. Our lexicon is made up not of science-based nomenclature, but rather such ludicrous epithets as climate-change deniers, birthers, truthers, ammosexuals, and anti-vaxxers. Evolution might rid us of ammosexuals and anti-vaxxers if an anmmosexual accidentally shoots an anti-vaxxer, with the anti-vaxxer ultimately perishing since they refuse the much-needed tetanus shot. But one mother, by no means an anti-vaxxer, sadly lost her young boy to the Flu after regrettably not getting him a flu shot.

Toula Argentis, of the Dedicated To All Better blog, had a very succint message for anti-vaxxers:

For anyone reading this and thinking that their family will not become another flu statistic: yes, the odds are in your favor. I know that some people question the effectiveness of vaccines. But, from my perspective, I’d much rather know that we did everything possible to protect our son than be left to wonder what if.

Toula told her very heartfelt story about her fateful decision to not inoculate her son against the flu. Argentis’ story should be strong enough to convince many levelheaded parents to not take their cues from such scientists as the washed-up playboy model or the pimp rapper in a koala hat.

From the Dedicated to All Better blog:

When he was 6, my youngest son Nikolas told me that he wanted to be a paleontologist. It was a new word for me. I even had to go look it up! Nikolas was planning to be a builder of many things. Along with his love for math and science, he had a great love of books. Nikolas always had a story to write or tell. I never thought this would be one of them.

Heading into every holiday season, I’d see stories about the flu on TV and ‘Get your flu shot here’ signs around town. As a healthy mother of three healthy boys, I tuned out the news stories and walked past the signs. I was confident my sons and I would be able to overcome the flu even if we came down with the virus.

During a routine check-up in the fall of 2012, my husband asked our pediatrician if we should have Nikolas vaccinated for the flu. She left the choice up to us. My two older boys were 19 and 16 and had never been vaccinated against the flu. Nikolas was only 9, but he was healthy, and all of his other vaccinations were up to date. So, we opted not to vaccinate that year… click here for the entire story

Argentis, having given Nikolas the flu shot in the past, was by no means an Anti-vaxxer and its incredibly sad that she lost her young son. We do live in a country in which Big Pharma wants to throw a pill at anything they can imagine, like something called Restless Leg Syndrome (side effect from medicine is restless legs). We do often want to take antibiotics to cure the sniffles and that is rather alarmist and unnecessary. But, the idea that parents would willingly put their children at risk in the face of overwhelming statistics to the contrary boils the blood. Measles, for example, are making a comeback and many blame anti-vaxxers. Complications can happen from the flu shot, but so can from the result of wearing a seat-belt. However, wearing one is going to protect you more often than not, like way more.

Hopefully, this is the last time we have to read something like this.

H/T: Dedicated to All Better blog 

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