Clinton Dings GOPers Who Claim They Aren’t Scientists: ‘Then Talk To One’

“I’m not a scientist” is a popular refrain among Republicans who want to take a position invalidated by modern scientific thought, like global warming. In fact, it’s so common, it’s a political cliche.

Clinton took a swing at these GOPers during a town hall event on Tuesday in New Hampshire, slamming the Republicans who are in “denial” about climate change and refuse to support and enact policies that address issues concerning the environment by telling them to “talk to one.”

“I’m not a scientist,” I just play one C-SPAN

Global warming, climate change, and environmental degradation due to fossil fuels are not an open topic. The argument ended a long time ago, and science has come down on the side global warming’s existence.

The GOP, of course, doesn’t seem to think so. After all, when questioned about human contributions to climate change, GOP lawmakers like to respond with “I’m not a scientist.”

The good news, of course, is that you don’t need to be a scientist to understand this. You need only to open your eyes and see the universe around you.

For instance, Earth’s twin, Venus, is a demonstration of CO2 in action. The surface of the planet is literally hell; it melts lead, and an atmosphere that’s 99 percent CO2 has a lot to do with that.

Of course, being concerned about a lack of science knowledge is easily rectified by talking to an actual scientist — and that’s the solution Clinton suggested today during a town hall meeting in New Hampshire, telling the audience:

The answer to that is, ‘Go talk to one.’

She continued, noting lawmakers need to stop letting politics get in the way of climate change policy. She slammed Republicans “under the thumb of the fossil fuel industry, in particular the Koch brothers,” and debunked the tired canard that curbing coal pollution would hurt the economy by arguing that addressing climate change would produce, not destroy, economic opportunities.

Clinton is right, but we all know the actual reason they say this: they’re dishonest cynics. “I’m not a scientist” isn’t meant to be an excuse, it’s a justification for their views. “I’m not a scientist” is telling the idiot vote, “you can trust me, I’m not one of those brainy eggheads. I’m looking out for you” — in the same way a parasite looks out for its host.

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