Anti-Vaxxer Trivializes Rape To Promote Stupidity – Survivors Fire Back With A Vengeance (IMAGE)

In what may be the most disgustingly warped analogy of all time, anti-vaxxer Dr. Tenpenny posted a meme that attempts to make a connection between vaccinating your children and rape.

With a single reprehensible image, Dr Tenpenny crossed a line that should never be crossed, by not only comparing vaccines to “forced penetration,” but by also adding a photo of a man forcibly holding a woman’s mouth shut:

The image alone is offensive to me as a man with zero exposure to rape.  I can only imagine the emotions something this despicable would bring to someone who has personally lived the hell this image describes.

Women who have lived this hell wasted no time in speaking out.  While they are public Facebook posts I’m choosing not to publish their names out of respect:


This is not okay! I am a survivor of a violent rape and I can tell you being raped against your will and getting a shot is not the same! I’m disgusted and saddened by this.


This is f**king vile. Comparing vaccination (which can HELP a person) to sexual assault (which NEVER helps a person) is morally bankrupt. To those of us who have been assaulted, this is very disrespectful.


How offensive to rape survivors. You discredit your own movement by posting such blatantly stupid comparisons.

This is horrific. As a sexual assault and rape survivor I urge you to remove this. This does nothing to help any cause any only harms fellow survivors.


As a rape survivor, I can’t even begin to describe how offensive and ignorant the oft repeated claim of vaccines (forced or not) being akin to rape is. No one who has been raped or who has empathy could ever agree or condone those comments. Those comments are attacks after the fact to rape survivors. Unless, after a vaccination, you sit there and question whether or not you did anything to provoke your vaccination, you sit there and think you will never be good enough for anyone, you sit there and fear telling even your own mother or husband what happened, it is not the same and isn’t even close.

I am not a fan of absolutes in general but anyone who claims that vaccination is akin to rape is a pig, a liar, and someone who takes no shame in taking the horrific experiences of others and using them for their own personal gain.


There are dozens of survivors who have slammed this insensitive woman for her ignorance. This is but a modest few.

This image and the message it fails to send is so vile even the people who originally created and posted it have apologized. Dr. Tenpenny is a quack and a scam artist, not a research scientist.

Anyone who attempts to promote endangering children with fear tactics like this should have whatever licences they found in a bubble gum machine revoked and their medical degrees stripped from their walls and burned.


Featured Image: Facebook

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