White, Non-Muslim Nuclear Plant Worker Charged As A Domestic Terrorist

Threats of terrorism didn’t come from a mosque full of Muslims peacefully praying in Phoenix as intolerant buffoons mocked their religion and practically begged for violence this week, they came from a deranged white man who worked at a nuclear facility in Minnesota.

Robert J. Johnson, 58, worked at the Monticello power plant until his union reps were informed he was being terminated. The management of the plant could no longer work with him due to his “behavior.”

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Spitting in the face of right-wingers who believe only Muslims make bombs, Johnson went off the deep end and concocted a deadly plan that was thankfully thwarted before anyone was hurt, or worse.

Johnson, upset at his union rep for not being able to save his job, made numerous threats by phone and in person. He told his union rep that he was a former marine, and that he was “certifiably crazy.” At least he’s honest.

He then told the rep he had a rifle with a scope, urging him to resign and intimidating him with a whistling sound that witnesses say sounded like a bullet.

So far, no mention of Allah or the Quran.

Johnson then threatened to show up at a union meeting. The day of the meeting, police caught up with Johnson, who told him he was planning a “surprise attack.” He then clapped his hands and said, “Boom. Tick tock, tick tock.”

He’s not very good at this whole terrorism thing.

Police arrested Johnson and confiscated a plethora of incendiary device-making materials, including lighter fluid, propane and six pounds of the explosive Tannerite from his car. Johnson also had a slew of 20 gauge shotgun shells and 500 rounds of .22 caliber rifle ammunition.

Oh, and a pair of leg irons. Just because.

Johnson was charged with three counts of felony terroristic threats and posted bond. He’s scheduled to appear in court June 11.

While Johnson fits the mold of the typical right-wing nut job, he certainly doesn’t fit that demographic’s mold of what they think a terrorist is. A terrorist uses fear to accomplish an objective, typically based on political or religious grounds. For this terrorist, stupidity seems to be the platform being pushed.

No memes or articles from the right have yet been published condemning all white union workers from Minnesota for Johnson’s crimes.

Featured image via Cartooncountymn.com

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