WATCH This Rabbi Tell Christian Students That God Smiles On Greed (VIDEO)

What is with this strange relationship between big business and Judeo-Christian values? Most people know that greed is supposedly considered one of the seven deadly sins. Yet, we have religious people, like Rabbi Daniel Lapin, who are angry that big business’ good name is being dragged through the mud. How awful for big business.

While Lapin is an Orthodox rabbi, he also heads the American Alliance of Jews and Christians. He spoke at Liberty University’s convocation recently, where he said:

[M]aking money means you are delivering value to another one of God’s children. You are caring for another child of God.

Not when you’re making so much money that your employees can’t afford to live, or when you’re colluding with others in your industry to drive prices up so they’re unaffordable no matter where customers go.

But Lapin doesn’t care. He also said:

Profit isn’t plunder. It’s good, it’s evidence that you are pleasing God’s other children. They make up a word like ‘profiteering,’ see ‘profiteer’ sounds like ‘sneer’ or ‘jeer.’ Somehow it’s evil to make a profit. What does it mean? That you’re charging too much? Well, let people go and buy it from somebody who will charge less, you’ll go out of business.

Ah, the old, “Free market will solve profiteering” argument. Of course, people who buy into this twisted doctrine think that. What they don’t see, or at least, refuse to acknowledge, is that all this wonderful profit is not pleasing “God’s children.” It’s gotten to a point where it’s harming society. A shrinking middle class and a growing class of working poor shows that big business isn’t contributing as much to society as Lapin is trying say.

Lapin could stand to open his eyes. Wall Street wrecked our economy for their own gain, and they’re poised to do it again because Congress doesn’t want stronger regulation in that arena. An awful lot of what they do doesn’t contribute much to society; they make a lot of their money by moving money around.

CEOs get rich off the labor of their poor employees, particularly in the fast food industry. When you make millions each year, but your average worker needs multiple jobs just to keep a roof over their heads, there’s a problem. It’s a worse problem when you talk about having to raise your prices just to pay them more when you’re taking home so much. That’s the “I got mine, screw you,” mentality.

Lapin has bought into a doctrine that came about in the 1930s, when business leaders sought the help of the church to fix and polish their damaged image in the wake of the Depression. Then we had the Reverend Billy Graham talking up big business, and because people tend to trust church leaders, they believed what big business had to sell.

People believe what Lapin has to sell, too, unfortunately. Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:



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