Unbelievable. The Christian Right Backs Josh Duggar And His ‘Loving Family’ (SCREENSHOTS)

The news that Josh Duggar of “19 And Counting” molested young girls, including his own sisters while they slept, is the shocker of the week, but is it really all that shocking?

The Duggars, who have an incredibly awkward style of child-rearing, have brought the equivalent of a Major league baseball team into the world; parenting all of them effectively seems almost impossible. Statistically, with a brood of 19, you’re bound to have a monster or two.

Josh Duggar is that monster. No manner of excuse will change the facts of what he did. His parents, the “loving” couple that they are, chose to sweep it under the rug and instead get their son “help” from the church.

In Duggarland, homosexuals can be “cured,” the church has a magic-wand that absolves people from sin, and prayer is the answer to all problems large or small. The “help” they got Josh was most likely just that; repent and ye shall be saved.

What about the girls he molested? Who saves them? Does prayer also remove trauma? Was any attention given to what they went through, or was Josh-repair the sole item on the menu at the time?

Regardless of their motives, their response or their beliefs, this makes the Duggars, already low on the totem pole of decent human beings for their blatant bigotry and hate, a reprehensible gaggle of sideshow freaks whose show needs to be cancelled.

Who in their right-mind would support Josh Duggar and his “loving parents?” The Christian right, that’s who.

While looking through the Facebook posts of news articles surrounding this story, I came across multitudes of people showing their support for the loving Duggars and their perfect son who simply “made a mistake.” With a click of their profile links one thing became perfectly obvious: They are all Republican supporting, Joel Osteen loving, Duggar watching right-wing “Christians.”

They hate the LGBT community. They bash the downtrodden on welfare and food stamps. They support the police who murder black men with great prejudice, and now, with a rallying cry of “judge not lest ye be judged,” they have tossed their morals in the garbage and backed Josh Duggar:



None of our business? When a family makes themselves that public it is absolutely our business. The evilness of others? How about the evilness of Josh Duggar? The loony left is trying to take them down? As a card-carrying member of the “loony left” I can tell you I had nothing to do with Josh Duggar’s actions in his sisters’ bedrooms late at night while his parents slept. I’m fairly certain I was somewhere else, but I’ll have to check my calendar.

What’s more disturbing than this post is the number of people who like it.



If the best you can strive for is your children being half as good as a child molester you’re a failure as a parent.



I put a call in to God, he hasn’t called back yet to confirm that he has in fact forgiven Josh Duggar. Emails are equally unresponsive.



47 Christian extremists like this post, most likely because they’re covering their own guilt for something horrible they themselves have done and been forgiven for by God. Maybe I’m calling the wrong number. I really need to be absolved for stealing a Snickers Bar in 1986. This isn’t merely a sin to be forgiven, it’s a crime. A crime with multiple victims who will never see justice because God was satisfied.



Those poor Duggars. After making millions and using their false fame to push an anti-gay, ultra pro-life agenda, judging the world as not nearly as divine as them and placing the son they knew was a child molester in a position of “moral leadership,” the truth of what they really are comes out, and it’s everyone’s fault but theirs.

He didn’t have to deny it, his parents swept it under the rug. He admitted it and resigned because he had no choice. There are victims involved here so no, we’re not happy. The worst that will happen is the millionaires won’t be able to keep cleaning up by pandering to imbeciles like you. Not happy. Not happy at all.



There are girls younger than that on trial as we speak in the Slenderman case. 14-year-olds who commit crimes of that nature and aren’t tried as adults spend the next four years in juvenile detention. Josh Duggar got to pray for forgiveness, was granted absolution by thin air and his parents and went on to preach morality to others.

Seriously…where do these people come from?

What these people don’t seem to understand is that Josh Duggar wasn’t forgiven, he got away with it. We learn from our mistakes when there are consequences from our actions. Mark my words: This is NOT the last we’ll hear of this. Josh Duggar’s instincts as a sexual predator didn’t just die because God (allegedly) absolved him. Josh Duggar is obviously a sick and twisted individual whose demons have never really been dealt with.

I, for one, won’t be surprised when more allegations pour in. Josh Duggar has four children of his own. Hopefully God hasn’t had to be consulted on their behalf as well.


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