Trump’s ‘Prayer Breakfast’ Goes Off The Rails After He Begins Bashing Arnold Schwarzenegger (VIDEO)

Things took a not-so-unexpected turn at Trump’s very first National Prayer Breakfast where the current president couldn’t even muster up the energy to pretend to care about anything or anyone not related to his ratings.

In a surreal moment that should shame every single conservative Christian who justified voting for him, Trump eschewed traditional messages of charity and goodwill to instead bash Arnold Schwarzenegger. The actor had recently gotten on Trump’s bad side by virtue of taking over The Apprentice tv show. Trump seems to still hold a bit of jealously over the fact that Schwarzenegger gets to run a reality show while he’s stuck being president.

Following an extended rant about ratings and his tv show, Trump instructed Americans to “pray” for Schwarzenegger. In the audience there was a mixture of silence and uncomfortable laughter. Apparently, like those watching on television, nobody in attendance could decide whether Trump was joking or not.

It’s yet another example of how Trump is constitutionally incapable of having good grace. His ego follows him everywhere – even, it seems, to the Prayer Breakfast where traditionally presidents talk about their spirituality or tolerance towards other people.

Schwarzenegger didn’t seem to let Trump faze him. In a video message to Trump in response, he politely offers to trade places with him. Trump gets his beloved show back. The world gets to sleep at night.

Sounds like a good deal.

Featured image via CNN

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