TLC Cancels Duggars: Will End Run With One-Time Episode About Child Molestation

Well, it’s official. The Learning Channel has finally learned that America as a whole is not going to forgive the Duggars and cancelled them. The whining and crying of the 19 and counting faithful just wasn’t enough to stem the bleeding of the once-powerful empire of Duggar after it was fatally wounded by the revelation that eldest son Josh had molested girls as young as five when he was a teenager.

After the initial report, the Duggars and the religious right went all out defending Josh, Fox news tried to sugarcoat the ordeal and even the sisters he fondled tried to defend him, but alas, the American people were having none of it, and TLC, after a hiatus from reruns and what was most likely extensive polling on the subject, announced on Thursday that the Duggars are all done.

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What will become of the family? They have enough support and notoriety that they will bounce back, for they have the support of an evil group of racist people who love child molesters and hate the poor and downtrodden: The Christian right.

TLC said that they will air a one-time episode that focuses on child molestation. More than likely the final show will be mostly footage from the reality show and its spinoffs, since Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar appearing on a show about molestation would mean they’d have to admit that’s what Josh did, rather than “he made a mistake and touched them…over the clothes…most of the time…a long long time ago and then learned his lesson by working on a farm.” According to ABC News, Jill and Jessa, two of the girls molested, will participate.

God may forgive Josh for what he did and his parents for covering it up, but God doesn’t pay the bills. Well, unless the right starts a GoFundMe to make child molesting not only OK but profitable.

The American people have obviously not forgiven the diddler Duggar, because what he did is sick, and he should be punished for it. So this is just a small portion of poetic justice, even though in no way does it amount to the punishment he deserves.

Jim Bob and Michelle issued a statement that was very neutral, not condemning or approving the decision, but once again affirming that they are whole and pure, and they have been forgiven:

Today, TLC announced that they will not be filming new episodes of 19 Kids and Counting. … With God’s grace and help, Josh, our daughters and our entire family overcame a terrible situation, found healing and a way forward. We are so pleased with the wonderful adults they have all become.

Still no word from Josh, who has remained cowardly and quiet through the ordeal.

The Duggars and their hatred for equality, morally superior brand of hypocrisy and annoying list of names that start with J are finally a thing of the past.

Good riddance.

H/T: ABC News | Image: Facebook

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