Alaska Judge Who Bragged About Having ‘Medieval Christianity’ Faces Sanctions For Misconduct

An Alaska judge who saw it fit to remark on his “medieval Christianity” is now facing sanctions as a result of his inappropriate courtroom antics.

It should surprise nobody that the Nome Superior Court Judge Timothy Dooley, who as well as having “medieval Christianity,” also describes himself as “rugged and adventurous” and  is, according to a complaint issued by the Alaska Commission on Judicial Conduct, also breathtakingly misogynistic. As a result of that raging misogyny, Dooley now faces public sanctions up to dismissal.

Statements Inappropriate To The Dignity Of The Human Race

The good judge lives in a world where the sun doesn’t shine, and the allegations against him spell that out rather clearly. The Alaska Commission on Judicial Conduct cites six incidents that came to them through anonymous complaints.

According to “Slate,” these claims include:

  • During a sentencing hearing, Dooley asked whether “anything good ever come[s] out of drinking other than sex with a pretty girl?”
  • During another sentencing hearing where the victim was a 14-year-old girl who had been sexually abused, Dooley said: ”This was not someone who was, and I hate to use the phrase, ‘asking for it’. There are girls out there that seem to be temptresses. And this does not seem to be anything like that.”
  • When a juror told the judge that they were incapable of hearing a soft-spoken female witness who had been the victim of domestic abuse, Dooley apologized, saying: “I’m sorry folks, but I can’t slap her around to make her talk louder.”

The judge also had no problem sharing his opinion about religion:

  • In a civil trial with unrepresented litigants, Dooley said: “I’m gonna enforce these oaths and they’re enforceable with a 2-year sentence for perjury. And I’d be the sentencing judge. I also have a medieval Christianity that says if you violate an oath, you’re going to hell. You all may not share that, but I’m planning to populate hell.”
  • At a sentencing hearing, Dooley stated: “What you’ve done with this young girl, it’s a strange thing, routinely done in Afghanistan where they marry 6 year-old girls. In our society, and in the society of the local tribal communities, supposed to be totally forbidden.”

As a result of these and other instances, the commission found the judge guilty of making statements “inappropriate to the dignity of judicial office.”

The executive director of the commission, Marla Greenstein, said that the complaint was the culmination of various reviewed court transcripts and interviews with people who worked in the Nome legal system. She added that the case has been in the works for months.

“The commission evaluates the conduct in the investigation at various stages and gave notice to the judge several times in the process. The point where they made the determination it was serious enough to warrant public charges was at a meeting on May 12,” she said.

She noted that there’s one of three possible outcomes for the judge, depending on which way the state Supreme Court rules:

A public censure, basically a public statement that the conduct was wrong and violated the Code of Judicial Conduct; suspension from office for a certain period of time; and then, the most severe, is a removal from office.

The “medieval Christian” judge has 20 days to response to the complaint made by modern society; as of Wednesday, he had “no comment.”

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