Texas ‘Christians’ Want To Abolish Freedom Of Religion, Protest Church Of Lucifer (VIDEO)

There’s a new church in Spring, Texas and it’s facing a storm of protest. Pseudo-Christians want the Greater Church of Lucifer gone and are being very vocal about it. As usual, they don’t understand a thing about either the Lucerferians or the Constitution.

The church has already been vandalized, a huge branch of a nearby pecan tree was cut with a chainsaw. It fell on the roof of the old building which houses the church. KHOU reported that merchants in the area are losing patience with the protestors. They seem to be able to handle the church being there just fine, though.

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Protests escalated on Friday as the church prepared to open its doors. Shouting and waving signs, the pseudo-Christians displayed the intolerance and stupidity for which they are world-famous. Their spokesperson appears to be Christine Weick, the nutjob who was blathering about Monster Energy Drink being the devil. With her typical invective, she told ABC13:

This is what we get when we have Freedom of Religion. We ought to be filling up the whole street here, that they have to pass through us to get into that church.

Well. This IS what we get when we have Freedom of Religion. And if Weick doesn’t like that, she ought to consider moving to a different country. Maybe Iran. Or, better yet, the whole bunch of them can pack up and find their own little island somewhere.

Of course, the Greater Church of Lucifer is not at all what these intolerant jerks think it is. The Luciferian’s spokesman, Michael Ford, responded to the hate and fear with calmness, telling Ruptly TV:

We have an absolute right to be here, legally. I always feel sorry for so-called Christians who feel so insecure in their belief that they have to come out here and waste their time when they’re not going to change our mind, and we’re not going to change theirs.

He added that the church doesn’t hold services as most churches do. They are more like meetings, much like the Quakers, with discussion being the main activity. The tenets of the Luciferians are humanist in nature. What the Luciferians do not do is worship Satan or perform sacrifices. They also don’t proselytize. One church member wrote that they have to “lead by example.” And they did.

Here’s the deal: Freedom of Religion means ANY religion. Not just yours or the ones of which you approve. Every. Religion. If that’s too much for you to handle, then either retreat into your bubble and leave others alone or get the hell out of our country.

Here is the report from Ruptly TV:

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