Starbucks Shows Whiny, Fake Christians What Christmas Is Really About

While the religious right is up in arms about Starbucks’ plain red cups, the company is busy showing them what the real meaning of Christmas is. They are also busy showing Republicans how to take care of our veterans with their new policy.

They are offering 100 percent tuition, for a four-year degree, to the spouses and children of their veteran employees.

It seems the evil Starbucks actually values our veterans, unlike the GOP.

Republicans want to send people off to fight wars, and then cut their benefits and essentially throw them to the wolves when they get back, all in the name of spending cuts. Then they cry that they can’t raise the Pentagon’s budget for the purpose of feeding the military industrial complex, and repeating the cycle that leads to veterans ending up homeless, and committing suicide.

Starbucks already offers 100 percent tuition education to employees who work 20 hours or more through a partnership with Arizona State University. The U.S. Department of Education likes this approach to offering education, which probably would make Republicans froth at the mouth even more.

As for the so-called Christians who are angry about Starbucks’ removal of already non-religious symbols from their cups, things like this show that they don’t really know what Christmas is supposed to mean. Even the secular version of Christmas is supposed to be about giving and caring, not about anger and childish petulance over something that isn’t even happening.

Josh Feuerstein, an insane, right-wing, former pastor, helped to create the “scandal” and was subsequently schooled on CNN for his efforts. Pete Dominick blew up Feuerstein for his calls for getting Christians to force baristas to say “Merry Christmas,” by telling him that a real Christian would use this to help the homeless. He could go in, buy a homeless person a pastry or coffee, and then wish them a Merry Christmas. He’d be doing something good, and still getting “Merry Christmas” out, and he’d be doing something that’s, well, Christian.

Sadly, Feuerstein said he couldn’t hear anything Dominick said because of audio problems. Dominick is right: Christians could stand to actually be Christian and do Christian things instead of manufacturing faux outrage over stupid nonsense that doesn’t even matter.

At least Starbucks gets what matters, and they’re serving as a huge example to both fake Christians, and Republicans.

Image of soldier by U.S. Navy photo by Mass Comunication Specialist 2nd Class William Heimbuch. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons. Image of Starbucks HQ by Wesley H. BrewtonLicensed under Public Domain via Commons. Images merged by Rika Christensen

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