SF Catholic Church Intentionally Soaks Sleeping Homeless During Drought (VIDEOS)

San Franciscans–in GREED CENTRAL–must be vying to be the worst people on the planet. Not only is it notoriously expensive to live there–so expensive that rent-controlled buildings are being burned to the ground–the greedy people aren’t very compassionate or empathetic. Including the church-going people of Saint Mary’s Cathedral–which is the principal church for the Archdiocese of San Francisco.

The church has four side entries that are covered and about 30 feet tall.  These entries attract homeless people at night. And because it’s so expensive to live there, and social services for the needy keep being eliminated, there are a lot of homeless people. You would think that the church would be welcoming those that are down on their luck and extending a hand to get them back on their feet.

Au contraire. The church installed–illegally, without permits and in violation of water use regulations–a “watering system” that doesn’t water plants, it soaks unsuspecting homeless people while they are sleeping in the doorways. EXACTLY what Jesus would do. Especially during a drought. Once an hour.

Since they don’t have many alternatives some of the homeless come back after being soaked with umbrellas and rain gear. Now that they’ve been exposed, the Bishop has said:

[The] idea was not to remove those persons, but to encourage them to relocate to other areas of the Cathedral, which are protected and safer.

WATCH the original KCBS report:


Here is the update from NBC Bay Area where they say that the practice will discontinue:

Here are some graphs from a very interesting article detailing the plight of San Francisco’s homeless that show some demographics of these homeless people:

San Francisco Homeless Population


Featured image by David Yu Photography

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