Sarah Palin Prays, Blames Shootings On ‘All Weapons’–Can’t Tell The Truth About Anything

Sarah Palin has weighed in with her views on the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting, and it’s every bit as ridiculous as you might think. A Deleiden infected ammosexual decided the best way to protect the precious lives of zygotes was to kill people, and yet Palin goes off on a GOP talking points rant that never once mentions the obvious motive for the crime.

Just, you know…stuff about criminals and “all of the weapons they use,” even though this particular criminal is one of theirs and the weapon he used was deadly to three and sent nine more to the hospital: An assault weapon.

Ignored. Just prayers, because prayers are better than sensible gun control. You can read Palin’s disgusting Facebook rant below:

Our prayers are for Colorado Springs and the families of the three killed there yesterday, including a heroic police officer who put his life on the line for others. Such a horrible, evil act perpetrated by a deranged man who’d been repeatedly investigated by law enforcement over the years. Senseless acts of violence involving stabbings, beatings, shootings, etc., are equally evil, abhorrent, unacceptable. The evidence isn’t all gathered but it appears yet another criminal mind ignored all sensibilities and all laws to fulfill his mission to kill. Pray that our culture receives wisdom in dealing with any dark intention that is manifested in ugly violence – using any weapon – and that glorification of death and violence – using any weapon – is wholly condemned. We must have a collective commitment to reversing the trajectory we’re on towards creating a hard-hearted, selfish civilization. Yesterday’s crime was so wrong, so terrible, so tragic – as is every deadly act of violence we sufferably witness everyday here and around the world. May God comfort Colorado Springs’ victims.

Yes…God comfort them. It doesn’t matter what sort of weapon was used, God hates them all. It makes no difference that the last 2 shootings in ultra-conservative Colorado Springs were by assault rifle. Earlier this month a man shot and killed three before gunned down by Police. He ran through the streets shooting people and not a single good guy with a gun came out of nowhere to face him down at high noon. Now this guy, who was trying to make propane tanks explode to maximize his killing, not only ends three lives including that of a police officer but gets to live after surrendering.

None of that is important to Palin. Ignore the facts, silently consider it an acceptable loss in the battle against abortion and move on to disparage some poor people and kick a puppy.

Featured image by Gage Skidmore

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