Right-Wingers Disgustingly Applaud ISIS Photoshop Of Obama Being Beheaded (SCREENSHOTS)

Gateway Pundit thought it would be a good idea to post a photoshopped picture of President Obama being beheaded last Saturday, much to the delight of the a-holes who follow the right-wing rag. The picture, which was originally posted on Twitter by followers of ISIS, has since disappeared and the accounts that shared it disabled.

That didn’t stop GP from making the picture permanent, giving right-wingers a reason to call for the beheading of the President themselves.

Take that in for a moment. American “patriots,” the same ones who think the President is a secret Muslim terrorist, are in favor of handing over that “Muslim terrorist” to Muslim terrorists. Those same people constantly gripe, because they obviously don’t know how to use the Google, that President Obama isn’t tough enough on ISIS.

So now they want to give the President who is too easy on terrorists to the terrorists because he ordered the killing of a top terrorist.

These people defy logic.

Here are some of their despicable posts, applauding the idea of a sitting American President being captured and beheaded by terrorists:

be1 be2

Remember, these are Americans. Americans who get upset when you look at a flag wrong. Americans who are outraged that children don’t have to pledge allegiance if they don’t want to. These people personify the horrific direction of the right:



Oh, sure. Toss a little bit of blatant racism into the mix and you have yourself a good ol’ fashioned hate-fest while you support terrorists killing your president.



The rhetoric is so stupid it hurts. The right proclaiming Obama isn’t tough on terrorism in comments on an article about a picture posted in retaliation for him killing the leader of ISIS could quite possibly be the dumbest thing ever posted on the internet.

And then of course there’s this guy, who makes the crudest statement of the day:



Sure you can. You can be the rudest, most ignorant imbecile you desire. You can have it painted on the side of your house if you want.

Please do. The left will use you as an example of how reprehensible the Republican Party has become.

Featured image via Gateway Pundit (censored)

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