Republican Candidate Carly Fiorina’s Insane Planned Parenthood Rhetoric Went Too Far

Remember, whenever a police officer is killed in this country, Republicans say it’s President Obama’s “rhetoric” that has contributed to their demise. I guess in the aftermath of the shooting at Planned Parenthood, in which the assailant said “No more baby parts” before opening fire, Republican rhetoric towards the vital healthcare entity can be blamed for this attack that claimed three lives, that of a mother, an Iraqi veteran, and a police officer. And who was the right’s little darling in their assault on Planned Parenthood? Carly Fiorina, the serial liar and only female candidate for the GOP presidential primary.

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Fiorina had her fifteen minutes of fame when she called on President Obama and Hillary Clinton to watch the supposed harvesting of an aborted fetus from Planned Parenthood’s offices. The only thing that was wrong with the video was that it wasn’t an aborted fetus, it was a woman’s miscarriage and certain details did not add up to Fiorina’s description. Even when confronted with the facts as presented, Fiorina doubled down and did down back away from her truly dangerous rhetoric.

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She wanted to enrage the public into action. She wanted the animosity towards Planned Parenthood to be so great that every American would be calling their member of Congress demanding it be defunded.

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But as we all know, the day after Thanksgiving, a certain man holding onto a certain talking point, decided he would bypass calling his legislators, and instead would take matters into his own hands. And now, three people are dead and nine others wounded.

Fiorina, in typical conservative fashion, decides to take no responsibility and deflects her part as nothing more than “typical left-wing” fashion. Said Fiorina, “This is so typical of the left to immediately begin demonizing a messenger because they don’t agree with the message.”

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Fiorina, being the messenger she is, delivered a message that resulted in domestic terrorism. If it’s “typical” for the left to demonize those who incite such acts, then good for them.

Fiorina, like the rest of the GOP lot, are delusional and dangerous.

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