Religion Of Peace: Right-Wing Christians Threaten To Blow Up Satanic Statue

Long known for their love and tolerance, right-wing Christians reacted this week to the Satanic Temple’s plans of revealing a new statue exactly as we would expect them to: by threatening to blow it up.

Defenders of modern religious liberty

The Satanic Church, while often portrayed as the villains in conservative Hollywood media, has fast become the staunchest defenders of religious freedom outside of the ACLU and Americans United in this country. While Christians are working to make sure that religious liberty applies only to their little tribe, the Satanic Church has pushed back, reminding the self-righteous right that they share a civilization with people who don’t believe what they believe.

And the religious right can’t stand that.

“I bet it would blow up real good”

In a recent display of religious tolerance, the religious right threatened what would otherwise be an ordinary activity planned by the Satanic Temple: erecting a religious statue.

The statue is 8.5-feet tall, and weights 1.5-tons. It’s made of bronze, and is devoted to the Lord of Darkness, Baphomet. The unveiling was planned on the property of a local restaurant on July 25, but the owner quickly backed out even after renting the space to them.

The temple also received threats, which forced them to make the unveiling a secret, ticket-only event.

The co-founder of the Satanic Temple, Lucien Greaves, told the Associated Press that the tickets were pre-order only, so that they could “cut down on the harassment.” He added that people had threatened to “burn the venue down” and “We’ve gotten those kinds of messages.”

According to Greaves, in an email with Raw Story, the following are just a sampling:

“Let’s burn the statue down!”

“Better be safe the building might fall down lol”

“This Is complete bullsh*t.I can’t wait until we take this bitch down and f*ck it up. F*ck Satan!”

“I bet it would blow up real good.”

“A wise women told me to stay away from Eastern Market that night. And if your going, you just might leave with a parting gift you didn’t even ask for or never wanted.”

The owner of the space backed out after he learned that the renters were the Satanic Temple, returning their $3,000 in the process.

“Detroit is a very religious area,” Bert Dearing of Bert’s Marketplace said. “When I rented the place, I just thought it was a church. I didn’t know about the unveiling of a statue. We weren’t aware they were into devil worshipping.”

The contract provided to Raw Story suggested otherwise, but the Temple at least got their money back.

The statue was originally slated to be revealed in Oklahoma, where it would’ve been installed at the same time as the Ten Commandments monument there. Greaves now says that they’re planning to move the statue to the Arkansas state house in Little Rock, where officials are planning yet another Ten Commandments monument.

Eventually the right-wing will get the message: their religions does not deserve special snowflake status, no matter how much they think it might.

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