Poll: 97% Of Idiots Agree: All Mosques In America Should Be Closed (SCREENSHOTS)

A poll by right-wing propaganda rag qPolitical has gone viral, with more than 94,000 shares on Facebook. The question is simple enough: Should mosques that support terrorism be shut down?

The answer is of course yes. If there was credible intel that a mosque in America was planning terrorist attacks, it would cease to be a place of worship. It would be a terrorist training and planning center.

Much like the backwoods compounds of American right-wing militias that plot and train for a takeover of their own government.

The mosque poll was never about terrorism or the methods used to fight it here in America. In fact, the FBI has found far more credible threats against mosques than by them. The mosque poll is all about giving Islamaphobes yet another forum to express their hatred and fear for that which they simply don’t understand.

The poll states that 97% of those who answered voted “yes,” but the comments on where the poll was shared show that they didn’t vote against extremism, they voted against all Muslims, opting to burn them instead of close them and deport their worshipers, believing there are no naturalized citizens that could possibly be Muslim.

Their image of a mosque consists of men dressed like they live in the desert and women in full burqas speaking Arabic and planning to kill Americans at every turn.

As the members of the mosque in Arizona clearly demonstrated when armed maniacs showed up to “protest” them, that is in no way true.

That doesn’t stop right-wingers from making fools of themselves; it’s what they do best:


It’s estimated that there are up to eight million Muslims currently living in America. Of those, only a handful have taken the extremist approach and attempted to or actually harmed Americans.  Little things like facts don’t matter to the extremists of the right. They refuse to see that calling for violence against people they see as violent, especially without the statistics to back them up, makes them nothing but hypocrites:



Even when presented with a Muslim who agrees with the poll question in its proper context, the hate rages on:



Is anybody really surprised?

All images are public posts on the Facebook page American Bikers Against Jihad

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