OK Governor Forgets What Country She’s In, Pushes Amendment For Return Of 10 Commandments Monument

There’s a storm a-brewin’ in the land of the Sooners. Earlier this week, the process of removing a ten commandments monument began. The right-wing predictably lost their minds; heads exploded, there was confetti. It was quite amazing.

Now, Oklahoma’s Governor, Mary Fallin (R-Of Course) is calling on state legislators to amend the state constitution and return the Ten Commandments monument.

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Separation Anxiety

The right-wing never really mastered this whole business of “separation of church and state,” and Oklahoma is best seen as a case study.

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At the beginning of the year, to head off the SCOTUS ruling in marriage equality, the Oklahoma legislature produced a bill that would remove the right of the state to determine the legality of a marriage and give it to the clergy, and Oklahoma’s privatized DMV refused to recognize same-sex marriages.

The biggest story to come out of the state, though, has been the Ten Commandments monument, and that’s where the controversy is swirling now.

Right-wingers like to talk about how the United States is based in this mysterious “Judeo-Christian” tradition. I’m not sure what “Judeo-Christian” tradition is, but at its core appears to be certain cherry-picked Biblical elements, including the Ten Commandments.

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Now, right-wingers love the Ten Commandments, and it’s probably their favorite thing about the Bible (and probably the only thing in the Bible they’ve actually read, aside from a few clobber verses in Romans, Deuteronomy, and Leviticus, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone they’re completely oblivious to the other 603 laws they’re also supposed to be following). They want it everywhere, and as Fallin has shown before, they’re willing to gut the constitution to get their way.

So even though the Oklahoma Supreme Court has ordered the monument removed, they’re still fighting back against the ruling, constitution be damned.

Monumental Failure

Governor Mary Fallin has already said she intends to gut the Constitution and erase religious freedom in the event the monument was removed. Today, she followed through; hot on the heels of the monument’s removal, Fallin called for state lawmakers to initiate an amendment that would allow the return of the monument to the state capitol.

According to the Tulsa World, Fallin tried to justify it as a “historical monument” and served up some tired bromides:

Moving forward, I believe the people of Oklahoma should have the opportunity to vote on a proposed constitutional change to ensure that historical monuments like this one are not pushed out of public spaces. I strongly encourage lawmakers to take up this issue in the next legislative session.

The “moving forward” is part of the joke; I don’t think Republicans know how to move forward. Like Italian tanks during World War I, they have 80 gears and all of them are reverse.

She made the remarks while watching as crews hauled the 2,400-pound granite tablet to its new home in front of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, a think tank. While the Supreme Court ordered it removed in June, the state still owns the monument and has it on loan to the think tank.

Feature image via KOCO News 5 Screen capture

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