Married Republican ‘Family Values’ Lawmaker Resigns From Position After Sexually Harassing MULTIPLE Women

Some of the tenets of the Grand Old Party are supposed to be “family values” and “morals”  I mean, conservative lawmakers constantly yammer on about how their party is the only political organization that really believes in being good people. The Republican Party is just brimming with kind-hearted, God-fearing folk who just want to carry out their duties and serve their flocks. And I’m sure that some of them actually are good people, I haven’t met any, but I’m sure they are out there. However, the Republican Majority Whip for the Tennessee House of Representatives Rep. Jeremy Durham is not one of those guys.

Durham, a married GOP lawmaker, has been forced to resign from his GOP leadership position after he was outed as a serial sexual harasser. According to The Tennessean:

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The three women who told The Tennessean about text messages from Durham they felt were inappropriate said they never considered filing a formal complaint. They said they feared retribution and spoke to The Tennessean only on the condition of anonymity. They worried that a complaint would be useless, even though officials have encouraged anyone with concerns to come forward.

One of the women claimed that the lawmaker would send her text messages in the middle of the night on Facebook and via text messages. A second woman said that he’d message her in the middle of the night, as well.

“For me, I was just trying to engage professionally, from one professional to another. And he crossed the line: You don’t text and constantly message on Facebook and ask to meet up at bars in the evening,” the woman said. “He would come up with these ideas and I would just be like, ‘Are you crazy?’ ”

So, do you think the lawmaker admitted to what he did after the newspaper spoke to the women and verified the text messages? OF COURSE NOT!

Durham claims that he doesn’t remember sending the text messages to the women. Seriously. Durham said in an email Friday:

Not having seen the texts, not knowing who the other party to the conversation is, when they were sent, what exactly they say, whether I was responding or initiating the text stream, it is simply impossible to respond.

Furthermore, the fact that there has never been a complaint filed makes me question your continued use of anonymous and unverified sources.

Haha. Okay.

The reason there was never a complaint filed against him is because the women feared retaliation. It’s not hard to understand why they’d be afraid, this guy is not peon, he is one of the highest-ranking lawmakers in the House.

This isn’t the first time we have heard of Republicans harassing women, remember the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill scandal?

The right will say, “Democratic lawmakers have had issues too” and they are right. But the difference is liberal lawmakers do not sell sanctimonious garbage to their base in order to be elected. They do not stand at their pulpit and preach family values.

Clearly the GOP needs a Jesus refresher course because they are doing it wrong.

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