Josh Duggar Sued Arkansas Because They Investigated Him For Being A Child Molester

The level of scandal in the Josh Duggar molestation situation is already at a fever pitch, but it isn’t anywhere near being over yet. Apparently, this explosion has been a long time coming. Not only did Jim Bob cover his son’s crimes up by having them swept away by a now-former Sheriff who is now serving 56 years for child pornography possession, but around the time Josh’s crimes were being investigated, the embattled reality star and right-wing hero actually sued the State of Arkansas Department of Human Services because they were investigating him for sexual assault.

Now, this lawsuit, filed in 2007 after Springdale police decided not to prosecute Josh Duggar for molesting his own sisters as well as another unnamed victim not related to him, should come as no surprise. After all, we have a situation where, because of who this guy is and the kinds of connections  he has, he is being protected in ways no one else guilty of similar crimes would be. After all, after this scandal broke a judge ordered Josh Duggar’s police records destroyed.


So, after the police decided not to prosecute Josh Duggar, the situation was handed over to the Arkansas Families in Need of Services agency, which looks into cases of juvenile crime. That organization then alerted the Department of Human Services, which investigated Josh’s sexual assault of the minor girls. That is where the lawsuit comes in. Josh sued them for, essentially, doing their job and investigating his crimes. He was upset because of the continued investigations by other municipal bodies. Of course, even though Josh was 19 at the time of the trial, he was a minor when the crimes were committed, so the records are sealed. From The Raw Story:

 ‘A trial was held on August 6, 2007,’ writes In Touch Weekly. However, ‘the results of the investigation into the Duggars and Josh’s trial are sealed.’

Even more disturbing is the fact that, right now, today, one of Josh Duggars’ victims is still underage. That means that when he molested her, she was at the oldest, 5 years old. How much more despicable can you get? Touching a little girl that young? Despite the fact that one of the Duggar relatives made the shocking and sick statement that anyone would molest children if they could get away with it, this is still pretty unbelievable. Then again, maybe it shouldn’t be.

The Duggars have some pretty disturbing ideas about sexual abuse. It is full of the kind of misogynist, victim-blaming ideas that one would expect from a fundamentalist Christian cult. So, at the end of the day, these people sincerely believe that there is nothing wrong with the fact that Josh won’t serve so much as one second behind bars for what he’s done to these children; in fact, on some level they think that it was the little girls’ faults.


With all of this in mind, it really isn’t that surprising that Josh took issue with continued investigation into his criminal behavior. Well, with all the covering up that went on in this case, methinks an investigation is definitely in order, and I’m not alone. A petition is being circulated to pressure authorities to investigate not just Josh Duggar, but the entire family and the twisted cult that is the world of 19 Kids and Counting. 

Hopefully this petition and the public pressure results in an heavy investigation into this whole goddamn sick, twisted, cult of a family, and everyone involved in covering the fact that Josh Duggar is a child molester spends a hefty amount of time behind bars at the end of it.

If you would like to help make that happen, sign the petition here.

Featured image via Facebook screen capture via The Raw Story

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