Insane, Misogynistic Religious Nut Explains Liberals’ Alleged Love Affair With Radical Islam

Right-wing nutjob Rabbi Daniel Lapin spoke to the Family Research Council about Islamic terrorism, saying that liberals are sexually attracted to radical Islam. His insane claim includes saying that liberals are either women or effeminate men, and that they’re suffering from a type of Stockholm Syndrome due to radical Muslims’ tough masculinity, according to Right Wing Watch. He said:

When people are in a hostage situation, we have something called Stockholm Syndrome. And what that means, obviously, is that, needless to say, even if you’re biologically male, if you’re, god forbid, in a hostage situation, you are somewhat feminized, simply because you are powerless, you are dependent on your captors for almost everything, and so there’s a slight feminizing process that takes place. It’s just biology, it’s just real.

There are countless studies showing that feminine-type behavior produces an excess of estrogen in men and vice versa. So all I’m saying there, is, that, essentially, the left has fallen in love with the masculinity of Islam….

Today, after a 30- or 40-year epidemic of leftism that has swept its sordid stain across America, we’ve become much more feminized, and we are attracted to the masculine strength and brutality of Islam. This is the girl in the high school being attracted to the bad, tough guy and that’s really what’s happening.

He also explains that firm, commanding behavior is masculine, even if it comes from a woman, and submissive, conciliatory behavior is feminine, even if it comes from a man (and implies it’s something to be ashamed of). Misogyny aside, where on earth do these people come from? Sexual attraction to radical Islam? Stockholm Syndrome? He seriously thinks that liberals are falling all over themselves for radical Islam the same way women fall all over themselves for the hunky guy in old, bad, and stereotypical romance films.

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We could argue that people like Lapin suffer from clinical paranoia and delusions, if we’re going to get into the psychology of these things without the education or qualifications to do so. Despite being an American Orthodox rabbi, he sounds exactly like the Christians we have on the lunatic fringe of the right when he speaks. He’s both a Jewish and Christian leader here, and walks with the nutjobs who see threats from everyone who doesn’t subscribe to their very narrow way of thinking.

According to his own words, Lapin believes we’re turning a blind eye to the fact that Islam wants world domination. In a letter to U.S. Christians, he asks this question:

Does anyone seriously think America is more seriously jeopardized by Christian conservatives than by Islamic zealots?

Well, actually, yes, many people, including DHS, do. Why? Because there are a lot of religious conservatives who are actually religious zealots, and they are already here in droves. They don’t have to recruit and grow a base here; they already have a base here. They just want to make that base bigger, so they can turn us into their idea of their god’s country.

He tries a false equivalence, too, asking us to replace Christianity with Judaism in some of the “anti-Christian” books he lists in his letter. Then he asks us if we’d be so cool with those same books being out if they were anti-Semitic. There’s just one problem: We don’t have a big problem with militant Jews here. We also don’t have a big problem with militant Muslims here, but we do have a big problem with a militant religious right. Lapin exemplifies that problem.

In fact, he exemplifies it so well that the rest of his letter to “real” patriotic Americans does nothing but scream, “PERSECUTION COMPLEX!!” People like Lapin are just as dangerous to the American way of life as they claim radical Islam is. To say that liberals are in love with radical Islam because it’s the very image of masculinity is further evidence that Lapin has fallen off the deep end.

The worst part is, these people have influence. That’s another thing that radical Islam doesn’t have here: popular, influential mouthpieces, with popular platforms. There are no Muslim clerics on popular television or radio shows every day, talking about how their religion is under threat, and how we, as Americans, need to listen to them and follow them if we want to prosper. But we do have these nutballs on the lunatic fringe of the right, who often go so far as to call for revolution, lest they get taken down from their pedestal of favored privilege.

Who’s the real threat? Who’s the real problem? Lapin and his entire type would be well advised to leave the psychoanalyzing to the psychological profession, and stick to preaching their Scriptures from pulpits.

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