‘In Touch’ DEMOLISHES The Duggars For Telling 7 HUGE Lies In Their Interview On Fox News

When Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar sat down with Fox actress Megyn Kelly, they were probably certain that they’d be able to put to rest once and for all the controversy surrounding their son, Josh, and his sinful past. In what was obviously a well-scripted softball game, the Duggars were allowed to basically tell their story unimpeded by Kelly, who did more looking empathetic than asking questions.

In Touch Weekly, the magazine that broke the Duggar scandal, had a field day with the interview in a recent article, destroying the lies the Duggars told to cover for their son, their horrid parenting and the fools who have defended them since the debacle began.

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In Touch focused on seven specific lies or omissions by the Duggars that turned their horrible choices and cover-up into a typical episode in a Christian family.

The Duggars weren’t very honest about their “cooperation with police.” According to the report obtained by In Touch, Jim Bob informed the Springdale PD that they wouldn’t be producing Josh for an interview and that he had obtained a lawyer. As for Jim Bob’s assertion that he had no prior relationship with the original detective, Jim Hutchens, Hutchens said in an interview that he and Duggar did in fact know each other, and that Jim Bob had called him to “talk” about a situation with Josh.

Not exactly the “cooperation” the Duggars said it was.

Jim Bob also stated that as parents, they aren’t “mandatory reporters;, that they are allowed to act in what they feel is the best interest of the child. In Touch’s legal experts say that’s just not true:

While they are not mandatory reporters, the law does not allow them to do what they think is best for their child in this situation, multiple legal experts tell In Touch.

By not reporting the at-least SEVEN instances of abuse on at least THREE occasions during a period of more than a year, they could have faced felony charges for child endangerment, with a six-year prison term.

It seems its not just Josh that avoided a possible prison sentence for breaking the law.

Other serious issue with the Duggars’ testimonial to Kelly has to do with avoidance and deflection. They attempted to take the blame for actions by anyone named Duggar and place it on those people who have investigated and outed the heinous details of Josh’s molestation scandal.

They claim, as does Kelly, that the police reports In Touch published were obtained “illegally.” They even went so far as to accuse a police chief of taking a bribe. Not so. The documents, as confirmed by the state of Arkansas, were obtained through the Freedom of Information Act legally once the names of the victims were blacked out.

Kelly also said that the Duggars hadn’t gotten a “heads up” when the reports were released. While it wasn’t necessary to inform the Duggars about the reports being released, they were most certainly warned of the storm on the horizon, which is most likely why Josh was so well prepared with written statements and resignations.

The entire interview with Kelly was nothing but damage control. Had the Duggars actually done nothing wrong, had Josh touched an 11-year-old on the breast “over the clothes” once when he was fourteen, had they gone through proper channels and been honest all along they wouldn’t have needed to go to a right-wing propaganda machine with zero credibility to tell their story.

They also would have never had a show on TLC, never been famous, and never had the opportunity to stand on a soapbox and proclaim themselves better than everyone else.

At least their daughters would have gotten some justice.

Read the full article by In Touch, HERE.

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