Having A Good Fundamentalist Chuckle At The Expense Of A Person’s Tip…For Jesus (IMAGES)

Imagine you’re on a friendly wait staff where people work hard trying to earn their way into a living wage. You work for tips, so when you spy a $20 sitting under a ketchup bottle, you figure you must have made somebody extremely happy:


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Sweet! Especially since the ketchup bottle doesn’t denote the kind of place where tickets get too pricey. Somebody got their tasty meal of American comfort food and your company and left you a nice reward for your service and hard work. But wait…what’s this?

20 bill2

It’s not money. There’s a plus side, though. It does promise something more valuable than money. Your landlord or the cable company may not agree, but alas…what if it’s something really cool…like an X-Box or something…:

20 bill bible

Awwww…it’s Jesus. Someone wasn’t sure if you’re aware or not, but there was this guy named Jesus, who a bunch of people really like. He was compassionate and brave and spoke of things like love and redemption. He fed the hungry, sheltered the homeless and healed the sick.

He died a long time ago, but people have been using his name for a couple thousand years to do things like conquer the known world, create a religion so strong it’s a sovereign nation and screw a waiter out of a tip he needed and deserved.

Garrett Wayman of Wichita, Kansas was the recipient of this much-needed infusion of Jesus. Garrett, who works for $3 per hour plus tips, needs money for his car payment, not a lesson in Jesus:

Tipping is an archaic method of pushing the cost of labor at restaurants and other service-oriented  businesses on the customer. Tipping creates the opportunity for people to be particularly shitty to one another. Typically the problem is class warfare, where some entitled a-hole or professional athlete decides they don’t need to tip for some stupid reason, making it difficult for their servers to do things like eat.

When the tip is some kind of a fundamentalist practical joke to get you to read all about Jesus, it’s nothing but a complete waste of time and paper. Jesus would be SO ashamed.


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