GA School District Risks Lawsuit For Denying Access For After School Satan Club

Those delightful rabble rousers at the Satanic Temple are once again making sure that freedom of religion applies to everyone, not just Christians. Earlier this year, the group announced that it would be opening up After School Satan Clubs in elementary schools around the country that already have some sort of activity or club aimed at indoctrinating kids into Christianity.

Of course, these efforts are being met with pushback, especially in the deep south. One such place is Marietta, Georgia’s Still Elementary School. The school already hosts the Christian Good News Club, so naturally, the Satanic Temple has a right to organize their club there as well. However, there is a problem. Fred Mephisto, who is the leader of the local Satanic Temple, has attempted to have a Satan Club started there. He’s not getting pushback, per se, though – he is getting no response at all. From The Friendly Atheist:

“Mephisto said the chapter emailed the district its application to start an after-school program, called After School Satan, on August 1. He said FedEx delivered a hard copy of the application Monday and the group has called Superintendent Chris Ragsdale’s office twice.

“We haven’t heard anything back,” Mephisto said.

Mephisto, who said he graduated from a Cobb school, said the temple views the district’s lack of response as the district denying the application.”

According to Satanic Temple spokesperson Lucien Greaves, if the school district continues along this path, they could be facing legal action. He told Hemant Mehta of The Friendly Atheist the following via email:

“It’s odd that, in response to the question of whether or not Cobb County School District intends to answer our request for an after-school club, they reply with a non-sequitur merely saying that they have no such club.

This indicates a calculated official refusal to acknowledge our request, and failure to reply to us could constitute a “de facto” rejection of our after-school club application. If it does turn out that the school district has deliberated to institute this apparent policy of official ignorance toward our request, a case for discrimination is clear. We are currently discussing legal options.”

Well, of course, it’s a refusal on an official level. If Christians want to start a religious club, that’s just fine, because these people are Christians, as are the majority of the people in the area and indeed in the country. They know that there will be an uproar. But, uproar or not, they have a legal obligation to allow the Satanists their say and their space as well. They either honor all religions on their school grounds, or none. That’s the law.

It sure will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Featured image via The Friendly Atheist


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