FRC Official Accuses Obama Of Copying ‘Totalitarian Regimes’ By ‘Weakening The Family’

According to a representative for the Family Research Council, the Obama administration is “weakening the family” just like other “totalitarian regimes” before him.

Ken Blackwell is the former secretary of state for Ohio-turned-official at the FRC — rated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center — and he joined Alaska GOPer Joe Miller on Miller’s radio program to deliver barely coherent word salad.

Blackwell warned that the “rapid expansion of the welfare state under the Obama administration is not unlike any of the welfare state expansions, totalitarian regimes, throughout human history” and that totalitarian regimes “have done two things,” in his mind: “weaken the family” and “silence the church.”

And of course, this is what he accused Obama of doing:

And sure enough, that’s what the Obama administration is doing. He’s weakening the family and he’s trying to marginalize the church by attacking religious liberty.

Obviously Obama is doing none of this and these crimes exist only in their deluded reality, but what kind of track records do totalitarian governments have in regards to “marginal[izing] the church” and “weakening the family”?

If we take the right-wing definitions of “weakening the family” — supporting abortion, contraception, divorce, women’s rights, and knocking down traditional gender roles — and “marginal[izing] the church” — not allowing the dominate religion to discriminate against others — then the you may be surprised.

Franco Francisco, supported first by the Nazis and Fascist Italy pre-World War II and then by the United States pre- and post-World War II, made Catholicism the state religion under his totalitarian regime. In Francoist Spain, abortion was banned, civil marriages were annulled unless the Church approved them, divorces were invalidated, contraceptives were forbidden, and traditional gender roles asserted by the state.

In short, Franco set up a right-wing Christian heaven.

Benito Mussolini did as well. His Italy was cozy with the Roman Church, much like Franco’s Spain. Fascist Italy banned pornography, contraceptives, and abortion, as well as homosexuality and prostitution, because fascism in general was obsessed with “moral purity” and a rigid definition of gender roles, much like the religious-right of today.

Surely in Communist Russia, though, under Stalin, abortion was legal and religion not — after all, it’s well known communists hate families and religion.


Abortion was illegal under Stalin because he was concerned about population growth and because, yes, he wanted to promote the importance of the family unit to communism. It wasn’t until Stalin died that the law was revised.

And the issue of religious freedom — article 124 of the 1936 Soviet Constitution guaranteed religious freedom for all citizens, and Stalin revived the Russian Orthodox Church when Nazi Germany invaded to inspire nationalistic fervor.

Even Mao Zedong banned imported birth control, using a rationale very similar to the religious right today: “Of all things in the world, people are the most precious,” the communist dictator proclaimed in 1949.

Religious freedom was also guaranteed in communist China — the caveat, of course, is that it was the sort of religious freedom that the religious right is rallying around now.

Even under communism, that bane of right-wing existence, the importance of the family and life was celebrated at the expense of women’s health, and religious freedom was “guaranteed.” It’s almost like appeals to the family and church are used by fascists, totalitarians, and authoritarians to short-circuit people’s critical thinking facilities.

Listen to Blackwell below:

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