France Shows US Bigots What Class And Humanity Look Like With An Amazing Act Of Kindness

The day after France was hit with a terrorist attack by ISIS, they showed their resolve as a nation and their military might by striking back at a training camp in Syria. As the world rallied around France and mourned with them in the days that followed, American conservatives decided to take their pain and use it for political gain, declaring that Syrian refugees were the cause of the attacks in France and that we needed to learn from their “mistakes” and shut America down to those in need of refuge.

As information arose about where the attackers came from and French police closed in on the masterminds, it became less and less likely that they “snuck in” with Syrian refugees fleeing beheadings over religious differences. That hasn’t mattered to conservatives in the US, whose hatred is now in full swing and aimed at Syrian orphans and widows who need our help.

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In a stunning move that is nothing short of an incredible act of kindness, France (you know, the people who were attacked), has announced that it will, in fact, move forward with its plan to take on Syrian refugees. President Hollande, despite the resistance of ultra-right French nationalists that are as repugnant as our own conservative arm, said the France had a “humanitarian duty” to take on the refugees, increasing the number the country would accept from 24,000 to 30,000.

The move will be accompanied by increased security measures and an extensive vetting process to try and ease the worries of France’s version of the GOP.

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Meanwhile, back here in the states, GOP presidential candidates, governors, senators and their bigoted base have made Syrian-bashing their newest hobby. The Trump camp has them bundled with Mexicans coming across a wall-free Southern border as leaders from more than half of the states in the union have declared that refugees won’t be welcome there.

Unfortunately, under the refugee act of 1980, it’s not up to idiots with no clue what “humanitarian” means to decide who gets to come to America or for what reason. France was attacked less than a week ago and already they have shown that there’s more to life than fear and politics. The Syrian refugees are innocent people who have lost everything. They need homes and they need lives to live, but most importantly, they need compassion.

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