FOUND: The Most Misogynist Sign Of All Time Belongs To a ‘True Christian’ (IMAGE)

While perusing my news feed for some derp to share, I was fortunate enough to come across a picture that personifies the ideals of the Christian right.

Using bible verses as sources, this (I honestly can’t tell if it’s a man or a woman) makes the argument that women should be the subservient homemakers they were in the 1800’s.



If this were just the fringe beliefs of a single dufus, or even the rantings of a small group of regressives, there wouldn’t be much to worry about, but more and more we see evidence that the extremists of the Christian right’s ideology is spreading into mainstream conservatism.

Don’t believe it?  Type “women should” into Google and have a look at the suggested results:


Rebooblicans have spent a great deal of time and taxpayer money pushing for women to be sent to the back burner of America. While not so blatant as the imbecile who took the time to have this piece of misogyny professionally made, (you can tell because nothing is misspelled), their hatred for the strong, independent women America is so proud of shines through in their archaic, sexist legislation.

Equal pay?  Nah.  Make decisions about your life and your body based on what’s best for you and not the bible-thumpers down the street? No way. Demand justice if you’re attacked and raped? It’s your own damned fault. Child-care so you can further your education or go back to work?  You decided to have a baby, you can pay for it.

So what should women actually be?

  • Loud.  Scream from the rooftops that without your contributions America would go directly into the toilet. More women are getting degrees these days than men, and when the good ol’ boys fade into oblivion it will be your wisdom and experience that moves America forward.
  • Keepers of equality. Real men and women don’t want a whipping post to do their dishes, they want an intelligent partner to share their life-experiences.
  • Submissive to Nobody. Pretty self-explanatory.
  • Absent from churches that demand this kind of idiocy.
  • Care-Takers of children. Absolutely true, though that burden falls as squarely on a man as a woman.  We should all be care-takers to our children. We should all be teaching them that in our ever-evolving world people like this jackass have no place.
  • Dressed however the hell you want to be dressed. Period. For a group that is so afraid of Sharia law this seems like quite the conundrum, doesn’t it?

The bottom line is, this person and whoever thinks this way shouldn’t be taken seriously, of course.  The problem is there’s an entire base of GOP supporters who, whether they are vocal about it or not, believe this garbage to be true.

Luckily there’s an entire country full of women who have already, and will continue to, prove them wrong.

Featured Image: Pinterest



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