Duggar Family’s Homeschool Program Sued By Five Child Molestation Victims

Right-wing “Christian” extremists, the Duggars, seem to have found themselves linked to another molestation scandal. The Institute in Basic Life Principles, (IBLP) the same homeschooling system used by the Duggars, is accused of covering up sexual assaults against underage girls according to a lawsuit filed on Tuesday, the Washington Post reported

Five victims — Gretchen Wilkinson, Charis Barker, Rachel Frost, Rachel Lees and a Jane Doe —  are seeking $50,000 in damages, because they believe the organization and board knowingly concealed the heinous actions of institute officials with no regard for their well-being. The victims reported being abused and touched inappropriately when they were minors.

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Hmm…..Josh Duggar probably learned a lot from their curriculum.

Conservative “Christian” parents once looked to this ministry  in hopes of brainwashing their children into being obedient, chaste, and stupid for over four decades. The ministry seems to have quite the Republican following — including Rep. John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) possible replacement, Rep. Daniel Webster (R-Fla.).

IBLP was founded by Bill Gothard who also served as director until  March 6, 2014 when he was forced to resign due to extensive sexual abuse claims — more than 30. Strangely, only the institute is named in the lawsuit, even  though Gothard is also accused of abusing the victims when they were 13 or 14. David Gibbs III, who is representing the victims, said Gothard would get the victims alone and touch them inappropriately. He would go as far as to hire a driver so he could violate them in the back seat.

According to Gibbs, if any advances were rejected by the victims, phone calls by Gothard or other institute officials would be made to the parents regarding the abuse allegations and they’d be tossed back into the abusive environment.

The latest lawsuit, filed by the victims, charges that IBLP, its employees, and directors of not reporting the sexual abuse and harassment to law enforcement or the Illinois Department of Children & Family Services after receiving frequent reports and claims. Why am I not surprised?

We see this way too often with self-righteous bigots who tote their Bibles around claiming to be true Christians when they have more sexual scandals than the Kardashians. We saw it with Republican David Vitter and Conservative Christian Josh Duggar — just to name a couple. When IBLP officials close their doors after decades of abuse, they will have nothing to worry about, we’re sure they’ll find other jobs fairly quickly. After all, they have so much experience sweeping dirt under their rugs, they could  open up a cleaning service!


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