Duggar Daughter In Big Trouble As Fans Figure Out Her ‘Mission’ Work Is A Scam

Duggar fans were willing to forgive and forget when they found out Josh Duggar was a child molester. God heals, Josh was saved. They were willing to look past Jim Bob and Michelle’s horrible parenting. They did the best they could, since God blessed them with all those kids. They were even somewhat forgiving when they found out that Josh had an Ashley Madison account and had sex with porn stars.

One thing the Duggar fans won’t seem to let go of, however, is their money. Holding true to the ideals of the Christian right, those Duggar fans aren’t peeved at Josh for destroying his family and their livelihood, they’re peeved at one of his victims for possibly spending their $5 donation on a trip to her cousin’s wedding.

Yes, If Jill (Duggar) Dillard and her husband Eric have been spending money donated to them so they can run off to El Salvador to convert the mostly Christian culture to Christianity on personal expenses, that would be bad. It would be almost as bad as a mega church pastor living in a multi-million dollar mansion and flying around in a Leer Jet.

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The point is, this is the Christian right we’re talking about. They’re hypocritical windbags whose main concern is themselves. Reports from around the internet suggest that some fans don’t believe the Dillards went to El Salvador at all. Since announcing their departure, they’ve posted no progress reports, pictures of villages, schools or hospitals they’ve helped. They haven’t so much as mentioned their mission, but they have taken the time to show up for family functions in Arkansas and a taping of the diddler report for TLC.

Now that the word is out, the critics have joined the battle to defend the dimwits the Duggars scam with these posts on their Facebook page:






There are dozens now, and surely there will be hundreds more. There’s nothing like a good dose of Christian bigotry and hate wrapped in hypocrisy to rile up the masses.

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