‘Dead Broke’ Duggars Delete Embarrassing Plea For Money After The Public Laughs Them Off

Reports have been circulating that the Duggar family is broke. Articles in OK Magazine, Radar Online and The Hollywood Gossip all said that the Duggars, in the midst of financial woes after their reality lives were cancelled, added a “support” button to their YouTube channel so they could produce “fresh new content.” The plea reportedly said “every contribution is helpful, big or small.”

Fan support was minimal and the scathing comments of those who are tired of these people being famous for nothing bordered on an angry mob. The response was obviously not worth the trouble to the already bruised and battered egomaniacs that are the Duggars.

Those reports began on Wednesday. By Thursday evening, the begging had stopped. There is no sign of a “support” button on any of the Duggar pages or YouTube channels.

The International Business Times ran a piece that broke down the Duggars’ earnings and recent behaviors and suggested they probably weren’t in as dire straits as reports have indicated, but other than speaking engagements, which have been on the slim side, the Duggars have been reduced to zero income after Josh destroyed their business by being a disgusting pervert and hiding it for a dozen years or so.

One report says they’ve had to fight a home foreclosure. Another says they’re being sued by the family of the unrelated victim of Josh’s “accidental touching, over the clothes, for like… a few seconds.” Please do stop for a moment to roll your eyes.

Jill and her husband, Whatshisname Notaduggar, were forced to beg for cash to travel to South America for “mission work,” though they wouldn’t disclose the actual location, so they can’t be doing all that well. Charitable work is all well and good, but typically your church picks up the tab. Not too many private people out there are asking for personal donations to go trade Jesus for clean water.

Whether or not they’re broke, they are officially on the brink of being completely irrelevant. It would be a joy, however, to see how the conservatives who support them would react if they were forced to apply for food assistance. Would the Duggars qualify as “welfare queens” for pushing out a bunch of kids to get more benefits? If they could manage to get benefits for all of the children and grandchildren, since none of them have any income of their own or a chance at a normal life, they would be staring down the barrel of $4K a month in food alone.

That’s a lot of hours your crazy Uncle Rudy will have to work to support a family of lazy deadbeats.

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